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Satyajit Hange, Co-Founder,  Two Brothers Organic Farms-  a farmer at heart and an entreprenuer, shares his journey from being an employee to now an employer (entrepreneur), with Rural Management students on WeSchool, Mumbai campus.  The session was organised in association with The Community Initiative by OrganicWe.

He naratted the two brothers’ journey on creating a platform for farmers who practise organic farming  and founding one of India’s finest Organic Brands AMOREARTH, a completely farmer owned brand.



In an interactive session with students, Satyajit explained how organic farming is crucial for a healthy plate of food. He explained the many benefits of various techniques that make organic farming not only an eco-friendly way of farming but also a chemical free process.

Satyajit Hange said, “It was fun interacting and breaking some theoretical concepts and management jargons which cloud a student’s perspective on to how businesses are run in reality.  It was a pleasure to know that more than a dozen students have agreed to volunteer for OrganicWe and are taking up socially relevant agri projects with us. I am honored to be a guide to these enthusiastic students and helping them work on some REAL world problems.”

Taking this further, the next classroom is the Farm.

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OrganicWe is a nonprofit educational organisation dedicated to empowering people and communities in rural and urban areas to realise their full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of Organic/Sustainable Farming, for a better health and environment.

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