Introductory Session – Workshop on “AI Upskilling for Senior Management” by Prof. Dr. Ramesh Raskar (MIT, USA)

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This event was conceived by Prof. Dr. Ramesh Raskar, MIT Media Lab, USA and Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe (Group Director, WeSchool) with a view to address the need for upskilling for Senior Management on the fast-growing technological area of Artificial intelligence (AI) which is expected to disrupt every business in the near future with cataclysmic impact.

The event discussed on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI), specifically focusing on ChatGPT and the future of AI, How ChatGPT utilizes information from the surface web, relying on publicly accessible documents, but has limitations when it comes to accessing the deep web, which contains sensitive and private data.


From L-R- Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe (Group Director, WeSchool), Mr. Rohit Pandharkar (Speaker), Prof. Dr. Ramesh Raskar (Speaker), Adv. S. K. Jain (Chairman, Managing Council, S. P. Mandali), Mr. Sudhir Kalkar (Member, Managing Council, S. P. Mandali), Mr. Kiran Shaligram (Member, Managing Council, S. P. Mandali),


Dr Raskar also introduced the concept of Decentralized AI, where AI can operate independently in cases where the simulation is well-understood. To illustrate this, he encouraged the audience to use an SMS application on their phones to predict the next word in a message, highlighting how AI can make predictions based on preceding words.

Session  emphasized the challenges faced by AI in dealing with completely unknown simulations, such as interpreting dreams, predicting consumer behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic, and designing drugs. Also discussed was the impact of AI on human skills, emphasizing that while AI is valuable, collaboration with humans is essential for its successful deployment.


Mr. Sudhir Kalkar (Member, Managing Council, S. P. Mandali) addressing the participants


He mentioned that Large Language Models, such as Google’s GPT, are based on neural networks and consist of an enormous number of trained neurons. Highlighted various applications of these models, including location services, motion picture industry, search engine services, security services at airports and country boundaries, healthcare, and maps. Though some concerns associated with Generative AI, such as the potential for accelerating the creation of deep fakes (fake images, voices, and videos), the production of misleading results by Generative AI hallucinations, amplification of real-world biases, copyright violations, and challenges to academic integrity.

Industry Experts attending the session


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