WeSchool students doing well and good for a social cause in lockdown

Inspired to reach out and uninhibited by the limited space at home were WeSchool students doing well and good for a social cause in lockdown.

In their own words, lockdown was a change they struggled adjusting to the changes of attending lectures online, organising their own schedule and most of all being disciplined. That was a bummer!  What they thought a lockdown would be was exactly the opposite – twice the hardwork and being alot more patient to the chatter of family members.

Having realised the opportunities and grappling with change, hear it from our students how they made the best from their time during lockdown 1.0. Watch video: https://www.facebook.com/Welingkar/videos/624608755056800/

They accepted the stayfit challenge…

We were surely inspired by our PGDM Healthcare students for showing their way to be fit while staying home on 7th April, World Health Day. Here’s how they stretched their muscle and will power - https://www.instagram.com/tv/B-q3wmxDnWi/?hl=en

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WE walk our talk…

Directing our young and wild ones in the#lockdown #crisis while #stayingathome to remain physically and mentally fit were video messages from our #weschool faculty on World Health Day.
Dr. Rohan Kesarkar. Assistant Professor, Healthcare Management, WeSchool
Sareeta Mugde. Assistant Professor, Research and Business Analytics, WeSchool
And they sang ….

With their regular online lectures, the students have to their credit some social and some fun initiatives worth a word of appreciation.

WeSchool media and entertainment students joined by MMS batch presented a music video ‘Muskurayega India’. It’s their version of the ‘Melody of hope’ bringing cheer in the gloomy mood during lockdown and in honor of COVID-19 warriors.

Watch video one by WeSchool’s Media and Entertainment batch:   https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=740096993196680

MMS Batch’s video: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=659662477924539 “Recognising the effort of unity and togetherness, we would like to appreciate our nation for staying put. Hope this brings back the smiles on everyone’s faces and keeps the spirit of unity intact.” MMS Batch

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They participated in Global and National Level Challenges…

Our student competed through projects in view of COVID-19 through Samadhan, and UMO Design Foundation’s prestigious ‘Design X Social Challenge 2020′.

On Samadhan:

AICTE and MHRD’s Innovation Cell launched an online challenge “SAMADHAN” on 7th April 2020 to test the innovative solutions that the education fraternity could brainstorm and present. Our students were asked to design, simulate and develop measures that could be made available to the government agencies, health services, hospitals and other services for quick solutions to COVID-19 and future calamities.

49 student groups with around 179 students from full-time PGDM and MMS programs submitted 49 ideas to the MHRD Innovation Cell (MIC). They contested to their best to get in the national top 20 ideas too. Here are their ideas.

1. Man Arogya – Positive impacts of heuristics, music in battling corona and improving mental health

It is a mobile app to relieve stress through musical therapy, focusing on mental health and their well-being post contracting COVID-19. The prototype is designed to reduce stress, anxiety and fear for COVID-19 patients as well. Know more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7mmrdvrDOI&feature=youtu.be

2. The lockdown Exit Strategy – Digital healthcare certificate

The prototype is to provide an ‘immunity passports’ to all those who are in the essential industries/services which are key for the economy to keep running.Know more: https://youtu.be/9Dct4Wr6l1Q

3. Kisan Rath

Shortage of labour and increasing trouble of farmers access to markets, transport restrictions has decreased supply of perishable commodities. The mobile app aims to overcome logistical challenges by directly connects famers, traders and service providers. Know more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpjMHpewKkk&feature=youtu.be

4. Agrovesting India – redefining jai jawan jai kisan

This app design is a concept to improve the agriculture sector of the country by enabling people to invest in agriculture for the collective benefit of farmers and in the uplifting of the economy as we employ 80% of the country’s workforce in agriculture related work. Know more: https://youtu.be/-T_T_pGw0cU

5. Innovative Distribution Service

Keeping in mind to the nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers and frontline staff, the students have suggested a mobile app to ensure the delivery of PPEs and testing kits for semi-urban and rural cities by delivering packages via drones. The drones will distribute the required equipment district wise across the country in a systematic manner for equal distribution. By doing this, the aim is to reduce the spread of the virus, increase testing and awareness and help to flatten the curve. Know more: https://youtu.be/ofN6fF1MSdE

6. Interactive platform for COVID-19 patients and survivors

The journey to recovery for a COVID-19 tested positive patient can be lonely with almost no social interaction. It can take a toll on their recovery and mental health. The mobile app focuses on developing an interactive platform where tested COVID -19 patients can interact with other COVID-19 survivors. Know more: https://youtu.be/H7BOae5_v3U

7. Auto Mart

Automart is a one stop solution during this lockdown. The project aims to convert auto rickshaws into mobile marts for the safe delivery of essentials. This app caters to people by not only providing groceries at their door-step.  Know more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpjMHpewKkk&feature=youtu.be

UMO Design Foundation’s prestigious ‘Design X Social Challenge 2020′

Theme: Re imagining life in lockdown

“UMO Unites” is a global challenge thrown open to all like-minded people, who have a desire to help the human race, in the prevailing corona situation, by using creative thought process. This is not a technology solution ( i.e. digital is not the only way to solve problems) development competition, but more of a concept level thinking competition (see the world beyond digital). The unique part of this challenge is that the problem needs to be defined by the participating team…..there are no problem statements given by the organiser. The only criteria laid down by the organiser is that it should revolve around Corona pandemic and the likely impact it is going to have. This is a global challenge. ( visit https:/www.umo.design/explore for details).

UsabilityMatters.Org (UMO) is a UI-UX design consultancy service based at New York, headed by Kaladhar Bapu.

There were 11 teams with total 31 WeSchool students from across full-time PGDM and MMS programs from across our Mumbai and Bengaluru campus participating in the UMO Design Foundation’s prestigious ‘Design X Social Challenge 2020 in May 2020 in the 3 week challenge joining 250+ teams, 2000+ changemakers. Our WeSchool-REDX Innovation team also participated in the challenge.

Our student projects focused on addressing mental and physical problems faced during lock down, system installation for automated sanitisation of spaces, developing a platform to facilitate home tuitions governed through a government regulated body, sanitation solution for public spaces, a cluster kitchen cloud that can serve as a new business model catering to the needs of online meal delivery market segment amidst global pandemic, proposing as a viable strategy to counter COVID-19  and to revive our Economy and save businesses in a productive yet safe manner, a safe and comprehensive system for providing daily essentials at your door steps during lockdown, tackling the issue of loneliness & helplessness among the elderly population, Mobile malls, Anti COVID fabric, and Work from home from your nearest F & B outlet.

Here’s the link to the project video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK8LDmrOBeI&t=3s

UMO stands for UMO Design Foundation (Formerly known as UsabilityMatters.Org), that is a non-profit organization working towards design awareness and exchange of design sensibilities through interaction between designers and design sensitive consumers. It is a forum dedicated to discussing, improving and promoting the work of the Usability and Interaction design community in the world. Here you can find bad designs, make-do design inventions (jugaad), feel good concepts and other Design and Usability related stuff. (Source: https://www.linkedin.com/company/umodesign/about/)


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