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The Foundation Program 2021 ‘NEEV’, with a sub theme ‘Daksh’ was a 21 day program from 1st – 25th September, 2021

The program was organised to ensure ‘we school’ students make a powerful head-start during the pandemic COVID- 19 and prepare students for the ‘New Normal’.

The program ushered with powerful message and encouraging words by the group director and trustees wishing the new batch a brighter future.

The program was 100% virtual with all sessions, workshops and interaction taking place online. During these days, students explored, reflected and assimilated their learning.

Centred on the sub theme, Daksh 2021 presented a bouquet of diverse experiences, engaging talks by industry leaders, workshops, viz. Virtual Industry Immersion, and insightful grooming sessions, personal/ professional development sessions that were highly engaging and interactive.

Mumbai Campus- The sub theme Daksh’s focus was creating future leaders, Leaders of tomorrow, Be future Ready with driving excellence & leadership capabilities.

In order to harness the challenges and opportunities of the new business world a student needs to be well versed in many disciplines and many skill sets and that’s what the objective of Neev- Daksh 2021 was.


Program highlights – Neev- Daksh 2021


The entire 21 day program meritoriously harnessed the online platforms Zoom, MS Teams & WebEx.

The key focus was giving industry insights, which was achieved by inviting professionals from diverse sectors like – sunrise industries, future-tech, ecommerce, Fin-techs, digital, insurance, startups, media, healthcare. Speakers from leading MNC & Domestic firms across sectors/industries were part of the session

The senior professionals were from following companies: Atos Syntel, Apple Care Digital Global Hub, Bayer, Swiggy, Spotify, Nestle, RPG Group, Delloite, Hitachi UAE, Amazon Web Services, Mahindra Rural Housing Finance, OTIS, and Reliance Jio.


The Deans & Heads of 9 PGDM programs and various support functions viz. LRC, ADC, Facilities, IT, CMC, oriented the new batch to different departments functioning and program activities, achievements.


Interactive sessions with Alumni was a significant part of the foundation program, knowledge sharing sessions from different verticals were scheduled to provide a sense of understanding of how the alumni have achieved success post their education at WE School.


Grooming plays a very crucial role in today’s corporate world and it is very imperative to recognize the importance of the first impression and how visual appearance and etiquette impact our professional effectiveness at the workplace. The grooming sessions were planned for student’s development for them to focus on the best potential areas to increase self- esteem and power of presentation, motivate and boost self-confidence.

Following sessions were conducted under grooming sessions: Importance of use of LinkedIn, Digital Etiquettes, Identifying Self & Mindfulness, Elevator Pitch, Preparing for Interview, Writing Business Communication, Disruptive Innovation, Being the best that I can be.


Creativity is essential in business because it’s a differentiator- the objective of the different workshops done under ‘We Abhivyakti’ was to instill a few skills which are equally important for a holistic development. Following sessions were conducted under the workshops: Story telling & Creative Writing, Video Making, Theatre, Simulation, Photography, Problem Solving.


Tutorial Sessions on IT Security & Cyber Laws, Creativity & Innovation – Design Thinking, Finance, Economics, V logs & Blogs, IPR, Emertech – AI, ML, AR VR, Robotics, CV Writing, MS Excel, Maths & Statistics, Business Research, PoSH & Diversity & Inclusivity in various sections were planned to give them beyond the curriculum.


Neeev- Daksh 2021 key highlight was industry intervention to sensitize the students about industry dynamics and its cross functional nature and business realities.

48 Companies & their representatives were a part of the virtual industry immersion to orient, guide and share the company’s business process.

Along with divulging the learning’s of the management education, fitness of mind & body were also the key attractions of the program where students every morning learned different regimes of fitness like Surya namaskar, Meditation, Stretching, Zumba, Kick Boxing, Pilates, Sukshma Vyayam, Animal Moves, Dance movements, Chair stretching.


The program had a unique section of activities which were conducted in the non- contact hours, where students were directed and then the activities and assignments were completed and uploaded on eLearn by them. Following were the activities done under non- contact hours-

· Poster making -on major disruptions in the market, paradoxes of Indian society, 75 years of Indian Independence, circular economy

· Doodling/Mandala / any form of Arts (Learning patience, time management through Art)

· Economics Assignment & Submission

· 17 UN Sustainable Development goals – video watch and future views

· Article Review (Emerging Technologies)

· Video making on theatrical activity

· Social Community Project

· Assignment on ePortfolio

· Assignment on Business Research

· Article review – Marketing

· Building LinkedIn profile to enhance your professional growth

· Case videos on problem solving through design thinking

· Photography workshop assignment

· Article review – Finance & BFSI

· MCQ Tests

· UHV Activity


In the closure of the foundation program a musical extravaganza was presented by senior students of PGDM programs to welcome the batch 2021-2023.


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