WeSchool is about finding the hero within you

Diwali 2018  has been special for students from WeCell of innoWE Lab, who ventured out to learn by doing, for their  entrepreneurial project. With a spirit to know more, they discovered their strength. Their efforts in stepping out from their cocoon of comfort, led them to know people, understand marketing and moreover people communication.

Here are some pearls of experiential learnings they realised in their journey to run their venture of selling hand decorated diyas by differently abled talent.

✔️When we do something bigger than making money for self, the sense of purpose gives a huge sense of self-confidence.

✔️The story ‘why we do something’ is more important to people than a transactional purchase, the ‘what’ i. e. the product then sells.

✔️When you approach unknown people, you learn to observe, learn and are ready to work the market.

Learning to handle the ‘no’ , if you know how to keep moving on after the no, you know the business.


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