WeSchool International Week

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WeSchool International Week, a five-day program aims to build a global ecosystem of young talents, startups, and industry experts. It connects WeSchool students to cross border expansion opportunities and a network of high-quality mentors and industry experts.

The fast moving world today is going global.  Most businesses that have shrunk through the online medium are consumer interface businesses. Moreover, there are a number of international companies setting offices in India.  The growing cross-cultural landscape makes it important for any professional aspiring to work in international markets or join an international company on home grounds, to know how learn and adapt to the new culture. Getting acclimated to a new culture is not as easy as it sounds especially when the risks of  communication not aligned to work culture are high. WeSchool’s international week brings an exclusive and immersive learning for its’ PGDM students connecting them to experts in strategic innovation, entrepreneurs, cultural intelligence experts and more.

The students through these workshops get the opportunity to ask questions, and learn from the leaders themselves. They travel virtually to atleast five or more countries. It is their chance to retrospect, adapt and learn to better themselves.

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