wedvaan,the management festival with a heart includes ‘Dare to care’, a CSR initiative

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wedvaan, the  Management festival at WeSchool is drawing near   , the  idea is growing  ,has become a buzzword in B school campuses and  the organizing team is sure  that  as the participants come, they will be left awestruck.But a management fest in today’s times can’t be away from the realities that we are facing as a society, especially the issue of sexual abuse, in particular child abuse. Children of God Foundation(COGF) is a Mumbai based NGO that has been working for the cause of the  abused children .As an organization, they have taken up the cause of educating students and corporates about  ‘ Child abuse: A societal issue ‘ .WeSchool believes in  mentoring the Global citizen leaders  who have  mindsets that  think about the society  before self   and  hearts that are  eco-sensitive . WeSchool has therefore  created a space for the Children from COGF  to become a part of the festival. The children  who have been rehabilitated from the streets, and broken families, a 45min slot will be in the campus on 24th Feb  to perform and create awareness among  the audience.Sahil Shetty: A kid from the street who was learnt the guitar and now has composed, written over 40 songs will present a repertoire  followed by a  street  play depicting the life of a girl who had been abused as a child, but how love and care changed her life.

“Doing is a Quantum Leap From Imagining.” These words of Career Counsellor and Best Selling Author Barbara Sher aptly emphasize the importance of converting an idea into action.  No matter how path-breaking your idea is, it isn’t really worth much if it remains an idea. SAMARTH is a dynamic competition that would test whether you have what it takes to efficiently display your managerial prowess right from ideation to execution. So brace yourself up for the grind, as SAMARTH will truly be a test of your capabilities.

Decoding The Dabbawalas

  • In 2002Forbes found their reliability to be that of a six sigma standard – or a 99.999999 percentage of correctness.
  • Prince Charles, during his visit to India, visited them (he had to fit in with their schedule, since their timing was too precise to permit any flexibility).
  • The BBC has produced a documentary on them.
  • They had been invited to give guest lectures in some of the top Business Schools of India

So what is it that makes the Dabbawalas a source of learning in the business fraternity? What are the key factors that have kept them relevant in the modern times without actually using any modern technology? How do they manage to sustain their efficiency level? How do they manage to get the best out of their human resource? Find the answers to all these nagging questions about Dabbawalas in an insightful workshop- Decoding the Dabbawalas.

HEALTHAHOLICS  invites the participation of all you young turks who feel your solutions can indeed help in “Creating Not Only A Successful But Also Fitter Metropolis”





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