Virtual Immersion @NEEV 2020, Mumbai Campus – Week Two

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The concluding week of the Mumbai Foundation Program as we call ‘NEEV’ was interesting with different industry speakers interacting with the first year PGDM students. The industry speakers were entrepreneurs, alumni, partners from organisations in media and entertainment, finance, consultancy, agriculture, pharma, information technology, and advertising.

The speakers shared industry insights in the current landscape of the pandemic. Students made a note of the relevant skill-set and mind-set in their areas of interest and aspiring job roles . The interesting bits of information were the recent examples from their day-to-day business and their personal learning.

The video conferencing platform animated the interaction between the speakers and the young audience with live polls, and quick Q&As.

Most of the speakers shared a presentation, short video clips to break the monotony of speaking and listening.

The freshers were so enthralled when WeSchool’s star alumni presented their session, that they lost the track of time. Nostalgia stroke a cord when the alumni shared about their student life on campus.

The event marked the beginning of the new academic year for PGDM and MMS batch 2020-22.

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