The role Management Education plays in shaping your career

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The current competitive job scenario demands a stellar education and a unique set of managerial skills for any candidate to be considered by recruiting companies. Besides giving you a good career start, a degree program in management can go a long way towards ensuring a promising career. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which Management Education can play a decisive role in designing your future:


During the course, management students learn how to supervise large teams and create a dynamic work environment. To ensure Welingkarites make effective leaders, WeSchool has come up with a training module known as the “Global Citizen Leader” in association with the US-based Centre for Creative Leadership. The module provides students with crucial training in leadership skills pertaining to social engagement, communication, conflict resolution and innovation.

Career-aid: Companies look for management leaders to maintain brand relevance and improve on communications, strategy, operations and profitability.


Management Education not only introduces its students to critical and innovative thinking, it also encourages them to imbibe it. It gives them access to a wide range of knowledge through its custom tailored and tech-savvy lesson plans, case studies and presentations. Such an education  endows students with skills and abilities which are vital for understanding and functioning in an increasingly complex world. “Our students are mentored by stalwarts from different walks of life for entrepreneurship and innovative thinking so that they develop into leaders with global mindsets,” says Prof. Uday Salunkhe.

Career-aid: A good imagination and resourcefulness drive productivity, efficiency and a successful career.


There are several job roles (Academician, Entrepreneur, Business Manager, Account Executive, Public Relations Specialist etc.), open to management graduates. You can choose from a variety of fields of work (Banking, Consulting, General Management etc.), in different industries like Finance, Marketing, Operations, and IT among many others.

Career-aid: “Generalized MBAs have more ‘freedom of movement’ across sectors as they are trained in all aspects of management; hence increased opportunities for growth and career development.” informs Prof. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director and Principal, WeSchool.


There is a high demand for management professionals in the job market today. Recruiters from top companies annually visit the Welingkar campus to hand-pick their managers. There’s also a good chance that you may get absorbed by the company you intern with as most organizations offer lucrative placements to deserving interns.

Career-aid: The management degree acts as a negotiating tool when it comes to promotions or job changes.


Management graduates get proposed attractive salaries. The compensation tends to be still higher if you already have a hands-on experience working with big brands in complex organizational settings.

Career-aid: This lets you afford a comfortable lifestyle while you pursue career goals.


Management education helps you develop your professional network from the get go. In the near future, your classmates will take on posts in various organizations and become important points of contact for you. Moreover, during the course of study and internship, you’ll get to interact with a diverse group of thought leaders, academicians and industry professionals. WeSchool frequently invites corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, theatre personalities and adventurers to share their experiences and insights with its students. Intercollegiate events during the course will also provide an easy platform to gain international exposure and network along with a global perspective.

Career-aid:  You can conveniently gather info on the job market and get free career advice.

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