Student project transforms into reality as a healthy snack, packed with “nature’s gift”

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Most health care programs see students join senior management in the healthcare industry after completing their studies. At WeSchool, WE have a different story to tell.

At WeSchool a student project has become a healthy snack, packed with “nature’s gift”- run successfully by our WeSchool student from Healthcare Management Program, Komal Kadaba, Co-founder, Nature’s gift –Nutrezy alongside her mother Sukesha Kadaba, Co-founder, Nature’s gift –Nutrezy.

Nature’s gift – Nutrezy bars are packed with the goodness of nature’s ingredients and comprise of wholesome nuts and seeds put together in the perfect combination to create a healthy and delicious snack.

Komal Kadaba, with her keen interest to develop a healthy lifestyle and learn the secret of healthy recipes from her mom, completed her studies in Healthcare Managment at S. P. Mandali’s Welingkar Institute of Managment Development and Research (WeSchool) to gain more understanding on business management and healthy living. She shared the passion with her mother to create a synergy between nutrition and taste. That’s how Nutrezy Bars were created by passion by a mother and daughter.

“My journey of ‘Nutrezy’ began with her dissertation project under the guidance of Prof. Dr Ragini Mohanty, Dean of Health-care, WeSchool and assistance from Prof. Richa Shah, WeSchool. WeSchool helped me leverage my capability to pursue this dream”, quips Komal Kadaba, Co-founder, Nutrezy and WeSchool Alumni.

The real journey began to post that.

Komal continues saying, “With my mother’s health-centric recipes and experience, also co-founder Karmasukom Edibles and her learning from WeSchool; together with experienced Food Technologists, WE curated healthy, wholesome and nutrition rich ‘Nutrezy Snack/Nutrition Bars’.”

Today, Nutrezy bars are tested for providing a natural source of protein, fibre and a low-calorie intake for perfect snacking. Nutrezy Bars are ‣ Wholesome & healthy ‣ Trans-fat free ‣ Preservatives free ‣ Composed of ingredients providing nutritional benefits.

With more and more startups switching to power, more youth is empowered and independent. WeSchool takes pride in sharing it’s student’s success as a reflection of its commitment to nurturing thought leaders and practitioners through inventive education.

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