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It was the day that stars descended upon WeSchool. And they shone with such unusual brightness that brought shimmers of hope, determination and optimism to the portals of the Bschool. One of the well known faces among them was that of Diana Hayden, Miss World 1997 who had come to cheer and inspire the group of differently enabled people gathered at WeSchool to celebrate the 4th Spinal Injury Awareness Day.

“ Believe in yourselves, differently enabled people are doubly enabled people. Qualification is not a criterion for success so doesn’t get troubled by your handicaps; accept life’s challenges with grit and determination “she said while addressing the crowd of paraplegics and quadriplegics who had assembled at WeSchool for celebrating the Spinal Injury Awareness Day. WeSchool had joined hands with Nina Foundation; an NGO established for the cause of spreading awareness, optimism and hope of good health for people with spinal cord injury by offering innovative rehabilitation services.

Dr Ketna Mehta,Associate Dean-Research at Weschool is the indomitable spirit behind NINA foundation and needless to mention the joyous celebration of Spinal Injury Awareness Day was possible only because of her grit and determination  and  the motivation of  her team of volunteers  inspired  with the idea  of making  a difference in the lives of the differently enabled.

“ Events like the Spinal Injury Awareness Day create awareness, we get inspired by the spirit of differently enabled people and our sense of societal responsibility becomes stronger “said Dr Uday Salunkhe, Group Director –WeSchool while welcoming the guests.

The medical camp held on the day saw some of the best specialists in the country  like Dr Sharad Sagde, Consultant Urologist, Dr S SY Bhojraj, Consultant spinal surgeon, Dr VC Jacob, Physiotherapist, Dr Uday Khopkar and a range of doctors attending to socio-economically challenged members with Spinal Injury ,including a group from Kashmir.  As the patients began to trickle in; some on their wheelchairs, some with walkers and crutches; they were assisted by the students of physiotherapy of MGM hospital who were at their beck and call. A special guest of honor on the day was a majestic personality in uniform, Maj Gen K R Salgotra, VSM, Commandant Military Hospital CTC, a renowned orthopedic surgeon himself, who had spared his entire day   to be at the event in a spirit of solidarity.


A major breakthrough during the medial camp came amidst a thunderous applause when Amol Boriwale, National champion in archery walked with the help of artificial legs for the first time after being wheelchair bound for nearly four years .It was a cruel twist of fate that left paratrooper Amol Boriwale physically challenged in 2006 when he lost a leg in a landmine blast. Instead of being shattered by the situation, he chose to adopt a positive attitude. “I knew right from the time that I was in rehabilitation that I would not be a dependent and helpless person. I just knew that I had to begin doing something useful with my life,” said Boriwale who has represented the country countless times in sports for the disabled and his passion and hunger for success has won him 30 golds, 2 silvers and a bronze; national and international awards for archery, javelin and discus throw. His joy knew no bounds at being able to stand, walk and for a few fleeting seconds everyone thought that he would break into a happy sprint!


Mr Nitin Goel ,head –Regional treasury –Asia Pacific and India Nokia Samsung Network ,wheeled in with his wife and two young daughters to receive the ‘Rockstar award ‘at the hands of Diana Hayden, amidst a huge round of applause . Nitin Goel, who lost his legs in an accident at a young age, not only completed his MBA education, but has reached a pinnacle of successful career and leads an active work and family life. And his achievents don’t end here as he has set up an online community for people with spinal cord injury. He is a counselor, motivator, active participant of the consumer committee of people with spinal cord injury and supports a number of NGOs that are working for the cause.

“The injury was actually a blessing; it gave me maturity and strength. Disability is a state of mind. I never see myself bound to a wheel chair, I always see myself walking .I had to face the challenges but I was not alone as my family, doctors and even strangers supported me, so never lose heart  as someone is always waiting for you with a supporting hand ” said Nitin in his inspiring speech after receiving the award.

Amol Boriwale, the champion with the die-hard spirit was honored with the ‘WillStar Award ‘which he accepted among loud applause and cheer.




Fun and games galore ! And prizes for all !!

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