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Indian Retail sector is booming day by day, with environmental dynamics and consumer focus shaping its contours. With an estimated worth $490 Billion, retail in India is of a huge potential and unmistakably the ultimate end to reach the target audience.

SAMVAD May Issue focuses on the retail sector and various perspectives shared by industry stalwarts and students from various institutions around India. The highlight of the issue is the WeChat section where Mr. NandadeepJayakar, who is a Welingkar Alumnus and currently the Director Retail for Adidas.  Mr. Jayakar unfolds his experience with various companies and gives highly credible insights to the retail side of the blue-chip companies that he has worked with. He highlights the major milestones in his career spanning 21 years. He shares his contributions to the turnaround success with Future group and the like. Further to his professional experiences, he shares his views regarding the current scenario of retail and Supply chain in India

As always, SAMVAD has articles published under the major management sections such as General Management, Marketing, Operations, HR etc.

A featured article written by Roshan Nepal, a PGDM student at TAPMI, Manipalconcentrates on the rising need of digital advertising in the retail sector. The author compares the shopping decision making of a customer at the advent of the millennium with the scenario after 14 years. Nepal has put down key marketing terms used by corporations such as P&G and describes the importance they give to digital marketing. The customer mindset to go online and to choose the best available good for him is of predominant focus here.

The General Management section gives interesting accounts of retailing in rural India. With 70% of the Indian population residing in rural areas, reachability, distribution and marketing all comes under the limelight. The authors, Ambika Gupta &GirishHemnani, (PGDM, TAPMI, Manipal) pens down what are the major initiatives taken by private bodies and corporates such as ITC.

Sneha Srivastava from IIM Raipur has contributed an article telling us about the rise of E-Com players in India. The article talks about international players such as eBay, Amazon and Indian players such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong and Myntra. The author also tells us how smartphones have complemented the E-Com industry. Big data and future of the sector are also discussed.


DevshreeYende, MMS(2013-2015), Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai, in her “HR in Retail” article lists down how people as a resource strengthen the retail sector as a whole. The article gives out how HR acts as a strategic measure than just another department.

Basic business runs through operations. The operational phase of retail has been covered in the article written by Seema Devi and Nitin Bighane (PGDIM, NITIE, Mumbai) where the authors concentrate on “Retail Layout for Specialty Stores”. The article is well written covering both the scientific and artistic perspectives. How displays affect the sales and how different placement of goods can relate to final buying decision etc. are covered here.

In a nutshell, the May issue of SAMVAD gives an insider view to the retail enthusiasts and for regular customers who may be unaware of how each subtle detail at a store or online matters and culminates in their buying decisions.

Click here to access May 2014 issue on Retail Sector.





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