Samvad,March 2014

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Information Technology, with its growing “omnipresent” status occupies a major chunk of today’s business focus. Operating in different scales, IT is a mold which shapes industries as a whole.

The March Issue of SAMVAD is themed under this incredibly huge sector that has caused noticeable and sizeable changes in ways businesses are conducted worldwide.

The WeChat section of this month’s issue contains an interaction with Mr. Bhavesh Bhagat (Chairman, EnCrisp LLC), a distinguished personality in the field of IT Risk Management and Governance. Mr. Bhagat is also on the board of ISACA, which stands for Information Systems Audit and Control Association. As a part of the body which makes sure that Information technology is safe, secure and well governed, Mr. Bhagat finds his responsibility is creating awareness about emerging trends and technologies and their benefits to people. With Risk Management in IT being his area of specialization, he wants the companies to take maximum advantage of the technology explosion happening.

The featured article about SMAC by Vikas Kumar & T. Levin, MBA(FT), FMS, Delhi, gives us an overview about SMAC, the current buzzword in the industry. They describe it as a new enterprise IT model that is making organizations more collaborative, connective, real-time and productive. SMAC, the article says, will act as the “fifth-wave” in IT.  Examples and the way forward in SMAC is discussed in this article.

Vishak E.B. & Vinitha J., PGDM (2013-2015), XIME, Bengaluru have contributed a finance based article titled “2016: A Bubble waiting to burst?” to this issue. It essentially captures the various takeovers that have happened in the recent past and evokes a thought process along the lines of overinvestment. They theoretically explain how innovations and overinvestment causes disruptions in the equilibrium of business cycle. Speculations about IT companies early on and their after effects, current scenario, 2008 crisis etc. are extensively put down in this article.

Under Marketing, Ramesh Pradhan from Symbiosis Institute Of Management Studies, Pune has written an article based on Business Intelligence as an emerging trend. The author says that the sheer availability of big data has caused companies to think different and cater to their diversified client base.Business Intelligence brings a lot of perspectives to the table, the article says, some of which may be faster deployment, data visualization, data integration or interactive environment. The amount of data and trends around the same are important points in the article.

“How IT Has Shaped The HR Practices” is an interesting read, written by Adhish Sinha and Rahul Jain, Welingkar Institute of Management, Bengaluru. How various practices in HR such as recruiting, appraisal, performance management etc. have evolved with the IT boom is penned down here.

Information Technology Management in Operations by Aakash Kumar Varma , (PGDIE, 2013-15, NITIE, Mumbai) opens up the operations wing of businesses being affected by IT. Companies with their multiple practices such as data management, SCM Interactions, logistics management etc. find extensive use of IT in assisting these effectively.

Hence, the March issue is about a sector which captures different businesses in different lines, but definitely affects them in ways more than one. The IT sector, is here to stay and the articles in the issue confirm the same.

Click here to access the March 2014 issue on IT Management



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