Samvad brings you the ‘The Big Tale Of Retail Industry’

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The Big Tale Of Retail Industry

Much has been said and written over one of the most happening events to give India much food for thought recently- Foreign Direct Investment in Retail and Civil Aviation. Now that the Government has given it a green signal, what is it that will happen to the economy of the country? How will it affect our day-to-day lives? Will a regular shopper at your neighborhood grocer shift his loyalty? How will this affect distribution of goods? And the much-asked question: is this development positive, or not? In the October Issue of Samvad, themed “The Retail Industry”, future managers from institutes all across the country have put forth various dimensions to this issue.

You shall learn about the structure of the retail industry and how it operates, and the promise probable entrants in the field hold for us. You shall see the evolution of the multiplexes that strive to give us a fulfilling movie-watching experience, and the factors that go into the pricing of one of India’s most successful multiplex chains.  Featured along-with is a discussion on business models used in logistics and its contribution to the retail sector. Go for a walk down the memory lane with a few pages dedicated to the oldest listed retailer in India and understand what drives it, and what the future holds for it. Judge the fairness of your online purchases, and much more in this issue that promises to leave you with a rich package of information. Also, an interview with Mr. Saurabh Dey, Senior Store Manager, Vijay Sales, Lokhandwala, throws light on some of the concepts best learnt on the job in the retail industry.

We have received a tremendous response to our call for solutions to competitions in the September issue of Samvad. Featured in this issue are the lucky winners of the same. We look forward to continued participation that has only increased manifold over all the issues.

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