Rural Realm Alumni Conclave 2022

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WeSchool’s Rural Management Program had organised an Alumni Conclave 2022 on 26th November 2022 in the Mumbai campus. The theme for the conclave was “Envisaging Future Rural Business Leaders”. The objective of the conclave was to understand what a rural manager in an emerging economy should be familiar with, new business models as well as information, skills and abilities that will be necessary to succeed in the next 5 years.

The conclave gave an opportunity to gather alumni from diverse industries at WeSchool campus to discuss a range of issues, including career opportunities, digital marketing technological transformation in agriculture, and sustainability.

There were various topics of discussions like, Agriculture and food being interconnected with India’s food supply being the biggest issue & what kind of action the government should take in investing and developing the rural sector. Also how by utilizing AI and ML for KCC (Kisan Credit Card) debt collection, banks are succeeding in the rural area.

The Alumni also discussed the sustainability of ESG as it becomes a fundamental market criterion. There was a discussion on how to build a bridge between corporate offices and campuses by maintaining a work-focused attitude, being committed to and dedicated to one’s job, taking different courses, being bold in one’s approach, and having a thorough understanding of everything.

The conclave ended with a musical event organized by the students.


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