Reminiscences of a Guru,at the end of a great convocation….

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Convocation and the teacher

End of yet another great convocation,
An evening of great nostalgia and celebration;
And as students step out with relief and fun filled chatter
The humble teacher stands by with good wishes on the platter;
Many walk past, while a few stop by and ask,
As Faces and names begin to unmask;
There are those who thank him for the knowledge bestowed,
While others walk past with feelings untold;
For the student it is the end of two  years of learning,
For the teacher it is the end of two years of selfless caring;
And as the crowd gets thinner,
the humble teacher walks a loner;
and what gives him the inner willing ?
to put in another two  years of sharing and caring ?
is it the hope and desire of gaining ?
Nay,  my friend – it is his life’s  mission to help others in succeeding !

-Prof Dr Pradeep Pendse,Dean -Business
Design,E-BIZ and Innovation

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