PANEL DISCUSSION on Power of Innovation: Labs to industry (Protect, Promote, Profit) Jointly organised by Legasis LLP, WeSchool, BSE, AIMS

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The event was streamed live on the World IPR Day for the benefit of all Faculty members and staff.

The agenda was to discuss on various aspects of Innovation, IPR & Entrepreneurship.

The role and significance of HEIs as well as schools in developing a robust lPR Ecosystem at local, regional, and national level. IPR generation is significant for protecting innovations and inventions created by young minds. 

The need to innovate at the level of Institute and thereby contribute to the Nation’s Agenda.

The Finer nuances of protection by filing IPR and significance of Educational Institutes in furthering the nation’s agenda of boosting IPR generation and its significance for the success and progress of our nation. Also how to use of IPR for creating a sustainable Start-up.

IPR has linkages with ethical conduct as well



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