NEEV 2020 Mumbai – Week One

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Our Foundation Program ‘NEEV’, a 14 day program started  from 24th August Monday. The program has been organised to ensure our students make a powerful head-start.
For the first time, this program was 100% virtual with all sessions, workshops and interaction taking place online. During these days, students explored, reflected and assimilated their learning.

Centred around the theme, NEEV 2020 presented a bouquet of diverse experiences, engaging talks by industry leaders, workshops, viz. Virtual Industry Immersion, and insightful grooming sessions, personal/ professional development sessions that were highly engaging and interactive.

Mumbai Campus:

The theme for NEEV 2020 was building ‘Resilience: “Aanamyata” to Reboot, Reinvent & Rebound.

Resilience is about a one’s capability and capacity to gain knowledge, skills, and proficiency in the chosen professional stream. It increases our ability to adopt, adapt to change as well as identify opportunities in the midst of adversity.

NEEV, built on ‘Resilience: Reinvent, Reboot, Rebound’ aimed to brace our students to become a global mind-set leaders in any context- be it at their future workplace, family business or even while taking their first steps into entrepreneurship.


Week one highlights:

Introduction to all PGDM Programs at WeSchool – Retail, Business Design & Innovation, Rural Management, Healthcare, Research and Business Analytics, Media and Entertainment and E-Biz shared the relevance of program in the today’s context.

Introduction to Operations Session shared  Resilience in life is important.-“An unbending tree is easily broken” – Lao Tzu

HR (Academics) focused on the change in HR trends due to shift to “The Reality of Low Touch: Social Distancing.”

Understanding of Basic Human Aspiration & its Fulfilment Session focused on the importance of  relationships with self and others over physical facilities. “Samaj, sambandh and suvidha” or “Right understanding of self, right understanding of relationship and physical facilities” are all required for attaining happiness

Nutrition & Wellness session on  aimed at creating awareness about health & well being in order to be safe & productive with changing lifestyle due to pandemic.

Entrepreneurship Institutional Innovation Council Session shared  examples of different companies and ideas leveraged by alumni of We School and  3 months We School Start-up Accelerator Program

Sustainable Development Goals Session discussed the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by UN for the future (2030)

Virus, Vitality & V: Building Muscles in the mind Session talked about mental health as well as physical health,  shared  Understanding is a two way road. When you expect your parents/friends to listen to you, you shall also ask them their problems once in a while and  ERP – Exposure Response & Pressure principle.

Communication through Photography Session was about  how photography is an easiest and interesting medium of art and its pros in one’s life.  Photography improves your observation skills and improves your perspective to look things differently.  It share that Brain , Eyes , Imagination is what differentiates a photographer not his camera.

Creativity Session: Theatre, Drama & The Creative Outlook  Session stated the importance of art and ways to implement it in one’s life. The session was  various shared aspects of theatre and drama and their application to have a creative outlook in our life – Personal as well as professional.

Activity based sessions

Video Making  on overview on creativity, video narratives, elements of a video and tips on how to shoot videos from phone


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