NEEV 2020, Bengaluru Campus – Week One

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Focused on clarity amidst confusion and opportunity amidst adversity, the theme for our Bengaluru campus NEEV 2020 was CARE – Collaboration, Agility, Rapid Transformation and E-Technology


Week One Highlights:

Inaugural of Foundation Program on 24th August was together with Mumbai Campus

Interactive Session with S.P. Mandali’s WeSchool, Group Director, Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe and esteemed trustees from S.P. Mandali’s

Virtual tour of S.P. Mandali’s WeSchool Bengaluru campus and interaction with Senior deans and deans.

WeParichay – Introduction of faculty, key offices, processes on campus and overview of PGDM programs and curriculum overview

Finding your ikigai /vision invited students to think about their goals

Session on topics: -

Getting Ready for the Future session on  changes that are happening and how we should respond and adapt ourselves to face them. It shared the following

Top 3 skills that need to be acquired to become a leader: 1. Be Curious, 2. System thinking 3. People skills.

● Make the most out of the MBA life and focus on 5 skills the most:1. Open Mindset 2. Empathy, 3. Collaboration, 4. Analytics based decision making and 5. Try to learn from different domains as well.

● Top skills to have as an HR specialist: 1. Need to be collaborative, 2. Great need to understand the business, 3. Try to incorporate insights from data for better decision making and 4. Try to find patterns and connect the dots.● MBA students should always be curious and should focus more on design thinking.● As MBA Students we need to push ourselves, take risk and build our networks to work with.

Success Essentials: How to make the best ROI of your MBA journey session inspired freshers how to make most their choice of ‘MBA’ by acquiring success Essentials 4.0  – Critical thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, Communication, Selling skills,Leadership.

Management- Beyond Your Own Metier session highlighted 8 skills

Design of Business and the business of innovation session shared with students life skills from business management focusing on dimensions of success and failure and how one shall keep trying. The session introduced students to Design thinking approach- thinking about user, more than the product, identify gaps and bring ideas to fruition.

“Realm of Finance – Much ado about Something Session covered case studies and skills in Finance.

Analytics In Business” session simplified how analytics is applied in our day-to-day life and business. E.g. Simple analytics applied by fruit seller in his business.

Creating next generation leaders through resilient leadership session had insights into different leadership styles and skills. It offered steps and measures to control this negative downward spiral such as vision, clarity, understanding and agility.

The science of being happy session was more on basics and simple elements of life which changes perspectives we look at life. The purpose in life is essence of life.

It shared practical tips - Believe in one good friend.,Believe and trust on someone who knows you from core is commandment one. Do two things at a time, wear multiple tags and follow passion, Power of positivity are few other commandments discussed by the speaker. Surround yourself with happy and positive people, Do things that you love at least four days in a week, Follow your passion are other things which are integral in being and spreading happiness.  Be compassionate and learn new skills every six month and shed light on making learning a perpetual habit in life. Reading daily and investing time in fitness is another crucial thing for being happy. Last but not least which is very important for being happy is self-appraisal and self talk every day for few minutes. The Session also shared that Gig economy is the need of an hour. One should wear multiple tags. Life is lot more in larger perspectives than merely earning living. Speaker concluded the session. Don’t earn for living rather earn for life.

Role of Research in Strategic Decisions Session highlighted the significant role of research while exploring opportunities and eliminating risk

Data- The New Gold Session threw light on variables in data mining

Consulting is more than giving advice session advised students on how to take up consultancy and live projects

A Time for Transformation session shared the process of change in  5 steps such as: Avoidance, Aversion, Acceptance, Exploration and Evolution.

“The Case for Business School – Case Method session focused on on explaining what a case is, case study method, learning objectives of case study methodology and why case study is used as a learning intervention and the three I’s of learning interesting, inclusion and interaction

Accounting in Business Session shared the purpose of doing business and lead to importance of accounting in business.

Session “Dream Catcher-Dealing with Cross Roads was about the traits and characteristics of good leaders

Nityagram “The Village of Dance” Session shared the importance to protect and preserve classical dance from India, self-discipline and motivation in one’s life

Data to Decisions Session mentioned about Garbage in and Garbage out (GiGo). Understanding and visualization of data is of equal importance. It dealt how data has the power to mislead and that gems of data must be handled carefully.

Session on Industry 4.0 basically related to industrial revolution, which is reflecting in transformation that is happening in all spheres of industry.

Activity Based sessions: What Does your Lens Say? - It was about paper imagery and shadows where students were asked to draw pictures on paper and then cut those with knifes. Those pictures were held against light and interesting shadows were seen. It was an activity based session which was interactive too.


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