Team Sanjeevani wins MUNIJAN 2015

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WeSchool students working towards addressing the issues related to menstrual hygiene for women win MUNIJAN 2015, an initiative of University of Mumbai on Gandhi Jayanti

MUNIJAN – Mumbai University New Initiative for JOINT ACTION NOW is the flagship event of Mumbai University, held on 2nd October every year, which provides a platform for students to not only present their ideas on social development but also an opportunity to actually implement them across all colleges affiliated with Mumbai University. The initiative with the theme ‘Sensitizing Sanitation’ received 36 entries this year from various management institutes under Mumbai University, out of which 10 were shortlisted for the final presentation. The project that wins the top honors at MUNIJAN is expected to be implemented by like-minded students, NSS unit members from other management colleges and institutes under the University’s umbrella taking it beyond the campus walls for the greater good of society.
‘Team Sanjeevani ‘ consisting of an all  women team ; Kalpana Patel, Snehal Joshi, Chaitali Kulkarni and Payal Soni , under the guidance of Prof Dr Priyanka Sharma, faculty-HR , won the competition this year for their project  that focused  on creating awareness as well as adapting best practices for  maintaining menstrual hygiene for women of economically weaker sections. The idea  to reach out to the marginalized women in society ; living in slums,  rural and backward areas   and teach them  how to make sanitary napkins at home at a small cost ,its usage to maintain proper personal hygiene during periods and also guide them in  appropriate disposal  to avoid personal as well as environmental hazards ,won them a huge applause as well as appreciation from the panel of Jury.
While congratulating the all women student team, Prof Dr Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, WeSchool said “”Joint action builds Inclusive Society” is our mantra at Weschool and our name also signifies our belief in “We is the new I” We believe that participation of the youth in social projects is the way to build an inclusive and caring society. MUNIJAN is one such initiative where students connect with ground realities and work towards finding real-time sustainable and scalable solutions for the problems of the society. Such initiatives have the power to transform lives and lend true meaning to education. We are happy that the students chose to work on sanitary hygiene project which is sensitive, critical and often an excluded one. WeSchool takes pride in their achievement, will encourage and support them to take their ideas and cause further.”
Dr Sanjay Deshmukh, Vice Chancellor, University of Mumbai  appreciated the effort put in by team Sanjeevani in working on such an sensitive issue, “We need to skill-enable and knowledge-enable our youth by getting them to dream. MUNIJAN movement of the University of Mumbai aims to ignite young minds for fostering innovation based societal development.”
“As management students, it is our responsibility to spread awareness and put our knowledge to use for a higher purpose that benefits society. It will give us immense satisfaction to witness the positive social, economic and environmental impact created by our initiative. The women who face issues due to lack of menstrual hygiene will benefit from this cause as it will provide them with a long term and highly affordable solution. Proper disposal of sanitary napkins will help the local administration in  tackling the issues of sanitization and reduce the cost of segregation of waste “, shared  the young  team-mates ,who are looking forward to going back to Jogeswari and Thane ,the areas where they conducted the primary research for the project  ,to begin their  first phase of implementation  by conducting the rounds of workshops  for the women in the area.

WeSchool students working   towards addressing the issues related to menstrual hygiene for women win MUNIJAN 2015,

an initiative of University of Mumbai on Gandhi Jayanti

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