MHRD’s India First Leadership Talk Series

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MHRD Innovation Cell (MIC) organised “India First Leadership Talk Series” as per IIC calendar on 8th January 2019. Shri. Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group was the speaker on occasion.

MHRD invited questions from students all across the country to be asked from Shri. Anand Mahindra. He replied with focus on innovation and  leadership.

WeSchool students, faculty and students attended the webinar to witness pearls of practical wisdom from the corporate honcho.

Shri. Anand Mahindra shared the relevance of values such as humility and self awareness which is not taught in some of the finest B-Schools overseas. He defined the role of leader and how leaders empower their teams, adding value to the eco -system of the teams. It’s not the leader who owns the success of ideas and execution, but his team. He elaborated on role of talented employees by mentioning the how talented teams have a crucial role to play in the making of the success of a company.

The perspective and expereinces shared by Shri. Anand Mahindra were truly knowledegable and certainly went beyond the classrooms.

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