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We thank all the contributors for the enthusiastic response to our magazine and for their insightful views on industry trends that impact today’s globalized businesses. It is a testimony to your enthusiasm that Samvad has been scaling new heights.

The month of June was very eventful for all the MBA graduates. Lot of students completed their internship and entered 2nd year with a focus on specialization and placements, while few students were busy with their project completion and final report submission. Also lot of institutes must be busy welcoming the new batch 2012-14.

And yet, Samvad managed to attract quite a few ideas for this month’s issue on ‘Media and Entertainment’. These articles talked about different aspects of Media and Entertainment which some of the students might not be aware of and thus it brought an altogether different perspective.

This month’s magazine talks about topics like ‘Media on Cloud’, ‘Future on Operation Management in Media and Entertainment’, ‘Reviving the Art of Hand Shadowgraphy: An unchartered territory’, ‘Augmented reality: Are you seeing more than just the real picture’, etc.

Our section WeCare talks about ‘Spinal Injury Awareness Day’ – organized by Nina Foundation, an NGO established for the cause of spreading awareness, optimism and hope of good health for people with spinal cord injury by offering innovative rehabilitation services. WeSchool has been its Academic Partner since 2009.

For the July 2012 edition of Samvad, we are inviting articles from all domains – Marketing, Finance, Operations and Human Resources. The theme for the edition is ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’.

We hope that this endeavour provides an enriching knowledge experience; looking forward to your valuable contribution and suggestions.

Please click here to read the June Edition of Samvad.

Please click here to download the June Edition of Samvad.

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