Inauguration of Universal Human Values Cell at WeSchool

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Surrounded by the constant cacophony of social media, music, blaring advertisements, elaborate lunch buffets and shopping therapy, there’s a need to centre oneself to be aware of our own potential to make a difference and contribute to the society.

In association with AICTE’s National Coordination Committee for Student Induction (NCC-IP), the Universal Human Values (UHV) Cell was inaugurated in the presence of our esteemed guest Prof. Dr. Umesh Jadhav -Western Region, coordinator for UHV and member of NCC-IP alongside Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director,  WeSchool. The event was attended by PGDM students in presence of Deans, and teaching faculty. The session was also attended by 16 UHV members who delivered the sessions. The keynote speech was addressed by Prof. Umesh Namdev Jadhav on ‘Need for Value Education’.

The virtual event had over 700 participants.

It aimed at inspiring students to adopt a healthy lifestyle and ethical professional discipline and create a holistic vision of life.

Some of the important takeaways by the students include: Learning to know yourself and people around you better; mapping your goals and performing accordingly; setting the current priorities; understanding what to do and how to do; combining skills with Value; Moral values in life; Human Values, gratitude, appreciation, compassion, and kindness.

The objective of the cell is to impart Universal Human Values (UHV) course which student may pursue during their two years at WeSchool. The course will help them develop a holistic perspective based on self-exploration about themselves (human beings), family, society, and nature/existence. It will help the students in applying the understanding of harmony in existence in their profession and lead an ethical life.

Prof. Umesh Namdev Jadhav, enlightened on the concept of relationship, physical faculties, and right understanding. He shared his views on feelings in the relationship from foundation value to complete value. The entire efforts were towards making students insightful and enable them to acquire, appraise and act on various universal human values.

We are thankful to Prof. Umesh Namdev Jadhav for guiding and sharing his valuable experience.

It gives us immense pleasure to thank the UHV team for sharing their valuable experience, curating this course on UHV at WeSchool, and guiding us.

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