In the footsteps of my father…alumni-entrepreneur Anuradha Dangat,owner of The Angrezi Pub shares her story on the eve of Women’s Day

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I am now looking forward to start a  new venture in coming years,

shares Anuradha Dangat ,owner of The Angrezi Pub

Owning your own restaurant had always been very exciting! It was my dream as a food and beverage associate to take on more responsibilities and believe I have what it takes to be successful. However, being a restaurant owner includes many duties and major accountability, skills, assistance and dedication. Anyone can own a restaurant, but it takes more than desire to own a profitable one. Myself Ms. Anuradha Dangat manage a Food and Beverage Outlet “ The Angrezi Pub “ located in the hub of restaurants in CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, was opened in 2013 and would be successfully completing 4 years in May. With around 18000 likes and 21000 check-inns on Facebook we as a team look forward to achieve advance professionalism and growth as a brand.


Many times in life, we come across a tough, influential person who leaves a great and powerful impact in our lives. The role that my father plays in my life as a teacher, friend, leader, family has a lot to do with all the changes in my thoughts and decisions about life. For every daughter her father would always be the first “Hero” and I truly believe and fall for it. My father Mr. Kishore Dangat has his own success story that he believes is achieved only because of a strong vision backed by hard work and dedication. Starting his career from a daily wage employee at Bombay Port Trust to a well-recognized Clearing and Forwarding Firm owner speaks it all. My father has always taught me to be humble and never loose humanity as money can be earned but maintaining respect and dignity is very difficult.

Education,training and mentoring :

Although I had graduated in hotel management  from   IHM-A  it was the  PGEM Entrepreneurship Management from Welingkar Institute of Management (WeSchool) where I honed my skills as a budding entrepreneur.T he course is conducted by faculty, most of whom have substantial industrial or entrepreneurial experience.Many of them are mentors, advisors & consultants to business & industry. The subjects are covered with strong practical orientation during one contact week in every month and Application of their learning is done by the students in their own business over the remaining period in the month,It not only turned out to be a great learning experience but I could also see the transformation that was taking shape in my own business environment ,my ‘gemba’!

On personal front starting an Outlet like “Pub” was initially a bit scary but for years women have been doing incredible things in restaurant field, though not always getting the credit for it. I am happy and proud today managing “The Angrezi Pub” for the last 4 years and successfully sustaining the market and cutting through the competitors is only possible by thorough hard work, guidance and dedication.The Angrezi Pub is bustling with events everyday and attracts a niche crowd of people who wanna live it up in Mumbai city. We have  different themes everyday with Djs playing along with sumptuous food and beverages that bring in guests and send out happy friends that keep visiting and recommending us all the time.with all this experience ,I am now looking forward to start a  new venture in coming years.




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