Greetings from Team Samvad!

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Welcome to the first  edition of our magazine, Samvaad.

This edition revolves around the theme of General Management with articles on marketing, finance and human resources. The topics range from Social Entrepreneurship and the Air India case study to Islamic Banking and its effects on India. The articles are replete with recent facts and figures and have been personally screened by our respected faculty members. We have tried to bring to you diverse views from the different domains. An Intra-college ‘Samvad Logo Designing’ contest was also held and among the entries received, the most appropriate logo was selected with the help of our faculty members. The selected logo is our own unique and innovative way of representing what Samvad stands for, that is a dialogue spoken in true spirit and right earnestness between learned people. We deeply thank the esteemed faculty members who have helped us select the best articles and logo and all the students who have contributed to Samvad with their entries. The response and support we have received is overwhelming and the enthusiasm is infectious.

Samvad also brings to you the latest happening in WeSchool and the interesting upcoming events that is going to be held by our college, and how it is relevant to the current course of management. The section on WeCare talks about how students can make a big difference to the people and planet around them and hence promoting the idea of environment conscious and socially sensitive management graduates.

For the March edition of Samvad, we are inviting articles from all domains – Marketing, Finance, Operations and Human Resources.. The theme for the next edition is “Green business and its future”.

Please send in your entries to Refer to Pg. 41 of the magazine for further details.

Here, we proudly present to you the 1st edition of our monthly magazine ‘Samvad’. We hope that this endeavor provides an enriching knowledge experience; looking forward to your valuable contribution and suggestions.

The February Edition of our Magazine is available on:

Happy Reading!


5 Responses to “Greetings from Team Samvad!”

  1. Akash Menon says:

    A publication like this is the requirement of any good institute. We School has done a good job with Samvad!

  2. Dr Ketna Mehta says:

    Congrats Team Samvad.
    Very well written and well designed and presented.
    Keep the quality high and kudos n good luck to all involved.
    Ketna Mehta, editor and associate dean, research

  3. Sudipto Ghosh says:

    Interesting articles and a good initiative. Nice job.

  4. Ganesh says:

    My heart Congrats to Samvad Team.

    Wishing you all the best for a prosperous future enlightening the students like me with a great future……….

  5. Stita Misra says:

    We really appreciate your support and encouragement. The Samvad team will continue to give it our best and hope for more involvement from the students and faculty of our college, so that we can bring to the best of the best!

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