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Welingkar presents a 11 month weekend program in Business Management for Legal Professionals (Designed especially for the legal fraternity)



Great Lawyers are not born; they evolve with experience and training’

India has the world’s second largest number of legal professionals with more than 600,000 lawyers and more graduates joining in each year. And all of these are English speaking legal professionals who have been traditionally working in small or family owned firms. But in today’s demanding environment, legal professionals will have to develop themselves by first of all to break the silos by changing their own mindset to meet the challenging complexities of the business world. Thus, with the growing numbers and sizes of legal firms and the role of Corporate Counsel becoming more important and diverse, it is imperative to have management skills to fulfill the responsibilities for marketing, negotiations, serving clients, and managing the team. It will also help the legal professionals to understand the needs of the business and will help them advice as a legal-business manager.

To address this very need, WeSchool has taken the initiative to offer a 11 month, weekend course in Business Management for Legal Professionals; where the lawyers will be exposed to the entire gamut of management functions. Here the classroom lectures by the in-house faculty and experts will be combined with case studies, workshops and exposure to legal and financial practices. The legal professionals are expected to get a well rounded view of the Legal Business with this program.

Designed to address lawyers’ unique organizational and time challenges, this solution-oriented program offers practical strategies for managing time, projects, documentation, and people without having to take the trouble of spending time, money and energy for studying at a foreign university.So come attend the seminar at WeSchool, with luminaries from the legal world and enhance your career opportunities…

The eminent Speakers: Anand Desai, Managing partner –DSK Legal I Nilanjan Sinha, General Counsel ,GE Capital India I Mustafa Motiwala, Senior Partner ,Juris Group I Girish Gokhale,President ,Legal &Group General Counsel ,JWE Steel

Date: 15th September 2012 I Time: 6.00-8.00pm I Venue: WeSchool

To Register: Call/SMS: 9619599402/9619906337/977366215 I Email: I Check the Website:

Individuals who are a part of the legal eco-system like in-house legal counsel, financial advisors, legal

compliance officers ,practicing lawyers and employees of solicitor firms are welcome to the free seminar


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