First Day of July, Neev 2019 #UTTHAAN, Surpassing Excellence

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The monsoon has just added to the WE spirit as the academic year for PGDM 19-21 Batch begins.

The ‘NEEV’ of education was laid today as we had a full house at ‘Utthaan’ – the inauguration at WeSchool Mumbai campus

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What’s NEEV 2019 all about?

Navigating this era of the 21st century requires young talent to build unique and exemplary skill sets that are multidimensional and multidisciplinary. In a hyper digitised era, learners need to be focussed and sensitive.

The theme of Neev 2019, Mumbai is “# UTTHAAN – Surpassing Excellence”. The theme signifies an ascent resulting from a DEEP mindset aspiring towards raising the bar of excellence.

The 20-day program are designed to give students a strong platform to support their aspirations. The goal is to bring about a personal mental awakening that allows for a better understanding of the global business environment.

With this objective in mind, we have designed the entire Neev 2019 program to nurture  “Budding Leaders” in the global arena who embody a DEEP (Dedicated, Effective, Enlightened and Prolific )mind-set.

These are the qualities WeSchool students develop on campus.

This version of WeSchool leader is agile and conditioned to adapt to the pragmatisms of global markets. He/she has can continuously introspect and as “Enlightenment” internalize empathy and sustainable development towards the overall objective of growth.

The activities in this foundation program have eleements - Aarambh, Aakar and Anubhuti.

  • Aarambh comprises of courses and workshops that are designed to challenge, engage, upskill, pique the curiosity of students and bring them to a level playing field.
  • Aakar comprises of guest sessions by industry and domain experts and creative sessions such as Dance, Music, Theatre and Creative writing that are designed to enlighten and enliven the minds of students.
  • Anubhuti comprises of an industry immersion exercise spread over 5 days that gives a measure of reality of the current business environment and trends. This involves students visiting companies and markets and getting a 4-D download of the business world on which they can reflect and introspect on.

This toolkit is one among many that, allows us to connect our Vision, Mission and Core Values through Assurance of Learning leading to continuous ascent in the overall attitude , aptitude and approach of these “Budding Leaders “ towards the conclusion of our two-year PGDM program.

Our students regarding their potential are aware about the possibilities that can exist.  They steadily develop the habit of reflection in their journey of becoming tomorrow’ s leaders.

That’s how we carve global citizen leaders with a learning mindset.


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