Day 10 Neev 2015 – Execution of Ideas with a Deep Commitment to Success is the Differentiator

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7 July – Neev 2015 (Welingkar, Bengaluru)

Tenth day at Neev – 2015 brought the students face to face with Prakash Wakankar, CEO, Mahindra Retail and what unfolded was a brilliantly interesting session on curiosity and passion. The two by themselves cannot sustain for long, it is the execution of the ideas that makes the difference. Execution with a deep commitment to success is the differentiator for both companies and individuals. He took the example of Mahindra Retail getting into a new to India product category like maternity wear, where a deep commitment to the market and the consumer was called for. While he exhorted the students not to second-change academics, it was as important to enjoy the last two years of academic life as well exploring your limits as a person and as much of the environment as possible.

Marketing at the end of the day is the application of common sense and all of us market every day whether we are in that function or not. He wrapped up with the advice to “Enjoy life, work hard and think smart”. Axiomatic.

The new batch had a session on Business Communication and Etiquette. The experts focused on the Communication theory models were shared with the students and tips on how to improve their skills both spoken and written. Also they had an introductory session to Economics educating them on economic theory as the foundation of business. The difference in application of micro and macroeconomics was explained.

The post lunch panel session pegged on theme of “Remaining Passionately Curious throughout your career”. The experts on the dais were Amit Nagpal – Head Training, Infosys BPO,Dr. Anuradha Varma – Head L & D, EY, Srinivas S – Head L & D, Biocon and Rupam Dutta – General Manager – Radha Regent Hotels

Nagpal highlighted the importance and innovation, citing the example of his company and the efforts to boost the innovation culture there by the present leadership. Dr. Anuradha then discussed about the importance of curiosity and how it has been applied in the EY context. One of the models developed has been about creating a curiosity about learning more about global cultures and exchanges. Srinivas added a new dimension to the discussion by bringing the difference in innovation vs. Imitation by quoting specific examples from the pharma industry. Dutta also explained how curiosity has helped his hotel move from customer satisfaction to customer delight by giving attention to detail in serving his customers.

Srinivas then spent some time discussing the science behind curiosity and learning and the roles played by hormones like dopamine in the learning process.


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