Day 9 Neev 2015 – Have the Passion & Determination to Make Your Vision a Reality

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6 July – Neev 2015 (Welingkar, Bengaluru)

Ms. Rajni Mishra, Chief General Manager-State Bank of India, took over the centre stage speaking on leadership and its various facets. She outlined that good governance and sustainable businesses are the main objectives for any enterprise and can be achieved through responsible leadership.

The recipe for responsible leaders lies within, and she added further that a leader should set his sights on doing things better. Also they must have a long term plan & vision. In her motivational address, she urged the students to have the passion & determination to make their vision a reality. Transparency, positive attitude, ability to handle stress and equanimity are pre-requisites to the making of a leader.

She highlighted the emerging role of e-commerce as a big game changer and asked the students to keep a keen eye on such economic markers. She said leaders should not be in hurry and must take their team mates along. Talking of creating an ideal environment for the team, she emphasized that a leader must create a level playing field where everybody’s performance is recognized and team members are appreciated openly for whatever good work that they do. The environment should inspire the team to perform better. She interacted with the students through a Q&A session on the Kingfisher debacle and how SBI handled it as well as on SBI’s financial performance.

In the ‘Hello We!’ session, the new batch learnt about Alumni interaction initiatives undertaken by Welingkar and how these benefit them. Also they were briefed on the various events conducted by the college to foster Alumni relations.

They were also explained the various internal events, celebrations, tournaments and much more. Prof. Soumya spoke about how WE School encouraged participation of the students in Inter-Collegiate competitions. Students have earned laurels home and abroad in various events.Prof. Soumya advised the students partake in national and International conferences. Welingkar and has been always forthcoming in its support to the students on this.
Under ‘On Your Marks’ the new batch had an introductory session on IT vertical by Prof. Jairaj and Prof. Anita Pillai. The professors spoke about the subject and its importance. Welingkar has been one of the pioneers to introduce the E-Biz course. They dwelt upon the different IT subjects which the students would learn during the next two years.

‘Curiosity and Creativity- Enablers of learning curve’ was the theme of the post lunch panel discussion. The panellists were-. Vasudevan – Classical Musician, Aruna Ganesh Ram – Performance Director, Deviser & Designer and Chitra – Photographer.

The panelists

When asked about how corporate could encourage creativity, the panelist felt that there should be a balance between creativity and reality and that there are multiple ways to infuse creative stimuli within daily lives. Corporates should encourage such talent otherwise they would lose people who think creatively. One must nurture creativity and curiosity and the passion to excel must come from within. The panelists felt that the joy of doing what they like also drives them.

‘Hands-On’, saw the activity ‘AWAKE’ where teams were drawn and tasked to make a collage by cutting out messages from the newspapers provided to them. The final effect of the radiated a social message.

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