Day 12 Neev 2015 – Alumni Meet the New Batch

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9 July – Neev 2015 (Welingkar, Bengaluru)

Avanti Krishnan, Hiten Chhabria, Ramhari Jadhav and  Ritesh Sinha, alumni from earlier batches shared their WoW (World of Welingkar ) experiences with the new batch. They shared with them the vistas of opportunities, WeSchool offers. More importantly they told the students how to conduct themselves. Placement was also an interesting topic between the two.

The guest speaker Mr. Vivek Subramaniam, Sr. VP HR, Emids Technologies spoke on the central theme of Responsible leaders-Passionately curious. He underlined the dynamicity of the business world and hence the need to define one’s interest and beliefs because these in turn drive business. He urged everyone to be passionate because to stoke curiosity and make others excited one has to be passionate. In an interesting aside he said create a “stop to do list.”

As a marine engineer he said that he learnt the quality of team building and keeping the team together. The following Q&A Session revolved around how a marine engineer could find talent in the people and hire them for companies. The students were curious to know how to make a career in HR despite having a disparate technical qualification.

The students also had a classroom session on Business Maths and Statistics.

In the second address of the day the students had an interesting session with Mr N Krishna Kumar, CEO – Mindtree. He observed that economic power is shifting from the west to the east and the people at the bottom of the pyramid were progressing . An ecosystem has been built to enable this phenomenon. He also spoke of the qualities which make a good entrepreneur.

Talking to the students he said that everyone has his own way of becoming an entrepreneur. Quoting an example he said that it took 38 years for TV users to reach 50 million, iPad took 4 years to reach this number and Twitter took only 8 months. He also referred to the concept of VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.) Responding to another question he said that future work place is going to be less hierarchical, more expertise-led and will be beyond formal organizations and boundaries. He advised the students to constantly upgrade themselves and have an unrivalled expertise as their USP. He asked them to face ambiguity with excitement as they would learn something new.

The final session of the day was extremely interesting. During the fortnight the entire batch of 2015-17 was divided into teams and was entrusted with the task of making a short video of two and half minutes related to the theme “Responsible leaders, Passionately curious.” Thirteen videos were made by the students during the course of the fortnight and these were showcased in the last session of the day. A jury sat through the presentation of the videos and selected three best videos. The videos made by the student were truly creative, innovative and exciting.

Avanti Krishnan 2. Hiten chhabria 3. Ramhari Jadhav 4. Ritesh Sinha

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