Coping With Change

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Change brings with it, the fear of the unknown. This fear can be disorienting, debilitating and disruptive. “People love routine because the predictability gives them a false sense of control. However, when faced with big changes, doubt and insecurities tend to take over.” says, Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, Prin. L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Research and Development (WeSchool).

In today’s knowledge-based economy ruled by global changes, this battle with the state of uncertainty is commonplace in most organizations. The perpetually dynamic business climate is responsible for the need to make recurrent organizational adjustments and transformations. These sweeping changes bring with them, their own set of challenges and demands, which every employee must successfully meet in order to survive and thrive. Dr. Uday Salunkhe notes, “Restructuring, changes in management and job responsibilities can be stressful as they may indicate that one’s job is in peril. At WeSchool, our students are taught that with the right outlook you can find opportunities in these changes. Since know-how changes every couple of years, by instilling a culture of learning in ‘Welingkarites’ we prepare them to keep themselves updated and to deal with changes happening around them.”

There are certain guidelines, following which, employees can manage their fear, and look for ways to smoothly cope, and even benefit from the daunting changes happening around them:


Acknowledging the change when it is happening is a step towards managing it. You must realize that change is constant and that denying it will only complicate matters. Understanding that change is inevitable takes away the element of surprise when you encounter it.


Being aware of your environment will help you recognize when a change is about to occur. Staying alert at the workplace can provide you with clues that hint at an impending change.


Reach out to others in your organization and seek more information to get better acquainted with the change. Talk to management and trusted co-workers to vet out rumours.


Remember that reactions make the outcome. Viewing change in a positive light can help you better adjust to it. Maintaining an attitude of anticipation instead of anxiety (while you describe the change, and its probable impact, to yourself and others) will let you welcome the change as an opportunity.


Figure out what value, you, as an individual, bring to the organization. Take stock of your skills, strengths and shortcomings. Work on possible areas for improvement to empower yourself and cope with change.


It is vital to be flexible to change. Approach the change with a learning attitude and leverage existing knowledge from past experiences. The more adaptable you are to change, the greater your chances are of coming out unscathed.


Until the change is in effect and you have a new work direction, continue your focus on accomplishing designated tasks. Your good work ethic will get you noticed and make your position firm at the organization.



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