Convocation of Three Years Part-time Masters Degree and Masters in Management Studies (MMS) Program

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The Convocation of the students of the Three Year Part-time Masters Degree Program and Masters in Management Studies (MMS), concluded at a glittering ceremony at S.P. Mandali’s Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research (WeSchool),  Mumbai campus. The ceremonious event of the convocation had Chief Guest, Paul Pettersson, Vice-Chancellor, Mälardalen University, Sweden, along with Advocate Shri S. K. Jain, Chairman, Managing Council, S. P .Mandali and Local Managing Committee, WeSchool and Prof. Dr Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, WeSchool, awarding the convocation certificates to the graduating 2017-19 batch of students for MMS (Masters in Management Studies) and Three Years Part-Time Master’s Degree Program in Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology and Finance of 2016- 2019 batch. The programs bridge the industry need for Managers and Executives with upgraded skills and competencies. Hence, there is a need for a strong and steady pipeline of Managers to draw from, to help in expanding and leading businesses. This will help in nurturing and creating future-ready innovators who will transform into global leaders making meaningful changes in their future work places.

Chief Guest, Paul Pettersson, Vice-Chancellor, Mälardalen University, Sweden said, “The world of possibilities is now opening up to you with your great dedication and skills. Great education is an essential part of today’s society and not just as qualification.  Already today you are and can make an impact to the society. I encourage you to give back and spread the knowledge by becoming a mentor to young students.

Today, we honor what you have already accomplished through a lot of perseverance. You should not forget those who helped you in your studies which are your family, friends and classmates. With that, I wish my heartiest congratulations to all. Make a difference to yourself; make a difference to the world.”

Advocate Shri S. K. Jain, Managing Council and Chairman, College Development Committee, S.P. Mandali, said, “I congratulate the students and wish that each of you define success through integrity and honesty in whichever path you chose to perceive. Your future is bright as you are groomed be the responsible leaders of the future. “

Acknowledging the parents and advising the students to staying ahead of the curve, Prof Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, WeSchool, said, “A convocation ceremony is a very significant day not only for the students but also for the professors and parents too. I would like to congratulate the parents who have invested so much time and effort in their child’s education to help them become responsible citizens of future. The pace at which the market is changing one needs to be agile. Agility is the name of the game.  While moving in the market with speed the human centered approach is important. Students today need to understand the virtue of humility along with knowledge ability as it is the most potent combination that can determine their success.  One needs to make learning, unlearning and relearning a continuous part of life’s journey. At WeSchool, we inspire and urge all students to go beyond the skill set and learning they have achieved here on campus, and maintain a progressive mind-set. The true power of management education is seen in the duty for self, organisation and community empowerment as a global citizen leader.


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