Congratulations Prof Dr Pradeep Pendse!

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Prof Dr Pradeep Pendse, Dean- IT, takes on another challenge by joining the prestigious panels of editors of two International Journals of global repute.

With head quarters in UK and editorial offices in USA, UK and India, The International Journal Of Innovation Technology And Creative Engineering is an academic journal which provides a platform for publishing novel ideas, prototypes, research results and innovative solutions in all aspects of engineering and technology. It is dedicated to promote research from developing countries to contribute cutting edge technologies by removing hurdles and creating bridges with developed countries globally. Each article is therefore carefully chosen by the editorial board and scrutinized extremely diligently by the panel of reviewers consisting of scholars, researchers and innovators from across the world. After having gone through this well defined process consisting of more than eighteen steps, these peer reviewed articles are then published in this open access journal.

As the official journal of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), The Journal of Small Business Management is recognized periodical for projecting scholarly research and the free exchange of ideas in the fields of small business management and entrepreneurship. So on one hand Dr Pendse will be editing and reviewing scholarly articles and research papers by technocrats, on the other he will be supporting those by small business owners and entrepreneurs and will be instrumental in encouraging the spirit of growth and development through innovation  the world over.


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