Chitrabharati, Prabhat Chitra Mandal’s annual film festival begins on WeSchool campus

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WeSchool hosted Chitrabharati, an annual film festival held by Prabhat Chitra Mandal, Mumbai’s leading film society since 1968. This year too Prabhat Chitra Mandal screened national award winning non-commercial movies and shorts.

L-R:  Present at the event were Aditya Jambhale, Director, Kharvas; Shekhar Rankhambe, Film Director, Pamphlet; Chief Guest – Sandeep Sawant, Film Director, Shwaas; Kiran V Shantaram, President, Prabhat Chitra Mandal;  Santosh Pathare, Secretary, Prabhat Chitra Mandal; Lokesh Gupte, Actor and Film Director, Ek Sangaychay.

The weeklong movie fest was a summer treat to many youth who accompanied their parents and friends. The yester-year movie fans too joined the screenings.

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