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Among the many things that define the enigma that is India, one of the most sumptuous is Bollywood. For a country that has seen generations being shaped by, and often for cinema, a business as gigantic as Bollywood is nothing less than a way of life. Apart from being an exciting career choice with so many outlets for creativity, it has penetrated the area of consumer goods and services, influencing trends and buying patterns all through its one hundred year old journey.  Join Samvad as it celebrates this magnificent journey with its April 2013 issue titled Business of Bollywood.

In a business as magnetic as Bollywood, the richness of experience is a boon that works tremendous wonders. Read what one of the giants of the business has to say about everything from Bollywood’s marketing strategies, technological advancements, corporate management and specialized skill-sets, in an interview with Mr. Rahul Puri, Executive Director, Mukta Arts Ltd. Trace the evolution of the business right from the days of India’s first feature film to today’s digital age with the issue’s featured article. Learn situational leadership with one of Bollywood’s most celebrated movies on determination. The strength of an industry that is so heavily dependent on the process is its people. Understand how are these assets of the industry managed with an article on HR management in Bollywood. One of the most significant by-products of movies is the music. View it through the glasses of marketing to understand what clicks with the nation that is forever in awe of the industry. Behind all the glitz, glamour, and the obvious toil of the industry, there’s strong financial backing. Explore the options with an article that talks of the money factor in the industry. Take a break, sit back, and mull over the two film industries that find considerable viewership in the country, and conclude which one is doing better with the breather section.

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