Bollywood hires MBAs

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After corporates and political parties, it’s now Bollywood’s turn to hire  MBAs


Ayushmann Khurrana , Sonam Kapoor and top executives at Yashraj Films select Raisa Ghosh as a Marketing executive while the delighted winner Of ‘GET A JOB AT YRF’ looks forward to the joining date soon after completing the Program in Media and Entertainment at WeSchool

Ayushmann Khurrana and Sonam Kapoor choose the lucky entrant of the ‘Get A Job At YRF’ contest’ amidst much fanfare at a glitzy media event held at YRF Studios recently. YRF had advertised for the job as a strategy for the promotion of their recent film ‘Bewaqoofiyan’ via print, digital and radio and received over 2500 applications that  were screened meticulously. As all YRF happenings do, the contest received a thunderous response from enthusiastic applicants from across the country, with over 250 excited walk-ins who were present at the event on the last day! Armed with the required qualifications and brimming with passion for the marketing position, Raisa mesmerised Ayushmann, Sonam and the audience present in the final selection round. The final interview with the top 3 was conducted live and  voted by members of the media  when  Raisa  bagged the job amidst  a round of applause.

Ayushmann who played Mohit – Bewakoofiyaan’s marketing whiz kid, judged the applicants on their marketing and communication skills while Sonam playing Mayera – a financial brain in the movie, based her selection on the candidates’ passion and presentation ability. Directed by Nupur Asthana and Produced by Aditya Chopra, BEWAKOOFIYAAN, is a contemporary slice of life story which turns set notions about relationships on their head.

Raisa , pronounced RAY-sah, RYE-zah,is of Hebrew origin,  meaning “rose“,a student of   Carmel high school, Kolkata ,came to Mumbai like thousands of others to fulfil her dreams and aspirations  .Having joined the PGP In Media and Entertainment, at WeSchool, she was exposed to   not only the conceptual aspects of the media and entertainment industry but also given  practical exposure thru live projects with brand names the industry reckons with .This makes the Participants gain deep insights in the area of youth marketing, digital and new media marketing, Film production and distribution, Advertising and PR ,Event and entertainment, TV and Radio channels , Celebrity and Sports management  etc. During  her  internship  with Business of ideas  Raisa   worked on the on-ground promotions of  films like “Shuddha Desi Romance”,”Gundey” etc.But that was not all. During ‘Oath of Peace’ ceremony,which was a part of the CSR initiative initiated by WeSchool students titled, ‘We Wish You Peace’ to celebrate the resilient spirit of Mumbai at the outset of the 5th anniversary of the 26/11 terrorist attack, Raisa was one of the key figures in handling the media and PR efforts of  this WeSchool event with a social cause. The biggest exposure that she got was during Ponds Femina Miss India 2013 where she was a part of the conceptualization team to create innovative concepts and execute them during the contest.

it was a proud moment for Raisa to join YRF,   an Indian entertainment company established by the legendary Producer-Director Yash Chopra. With the business conglomerate spread in films,music,television, entertainment, home video,YRF has  offices in Delhi, Jalandhar, Jaipur, Amravati, Indore, Bangalore, Secunderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and Cochin in India and  in  UK,USA and UAE.

On asked as to what was the moment of truth that turned the tide in her favour from among the 250 aspirants, many of them really well experienced in films and media   ,she  gives the credit to the practical work that she was made to got through during the Media 7Entertainment program .”It was tough to handle film promotions but each film promotion that I handled was different  from the next,  so was the learning experience  and made me  look at film making from a hard core marketing perspective”.

Handling starry tantrums was never a problem for Raisa.”Bollywood Stars and celebrities are much too professional   to throw tantrums, but they are human too .Once this is understood, the rest is easy. I love films ,Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan                                       are my favourite stars but because of the exposure and interactions with stars during the course, I am not star struck anymore and have a comfort level while dealing with them. I think this too was one of the deciding factors that played an important role in my selection to the post”

‘It is a dream come true .I think I deserve to get this position because I am a collaborator that understands how to work with different individuals .I know how to create the magic while marketing a film.Right now I am feeling as though I am on top of the world ,it’s a  magical feeling. I am a girl from Kolkata, a Bengali ,I know my roots  but I came to Mumbai with a dream and that dream has come true today. There will be no looking back now” ,said an emotionally charged Raisa while signing on the dotted line in the letter of acceptance.

Congratulations, Raisa and all he best wishes for a bright, starry future!

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