Antarctica Calling…at WeSchool

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An unusual exhibition displaying the ecological aspects and the pristine beauty of the last living continent on earth was inaugurated at WeSchool Campus by Prof Gudren Paulsdottir, International strategist- Malardalen University and Immediate Past President  Of European Association   For International  Education .

The exhibition aptly titled ; ’Antarctica Calling ‘ showcases various eco-facets of Antarctica; its variety of flora and fauna with the beautiful landscape as the backdrop   and also highlights the   ill effects of mining and oil drilling if it is ever permitted on the continent.

A major part of the exhibition also showcases the legendary  Sir Robert Swan, the journey so far and his endeavour to save the ecosystem of the continent, with a focus on  reduction of  the ozone layer depletion.

The initiative was launched not only to create awareness about environmental protection among the student community at WeSchool but also to mark the beginning of the on-line registration process for the The International Antarctic Expedition 2013 (IAE 2013).

The selection of the student for the mission will be done on the basis of a Green test , his/her  statement of purpose /mission statement ,physical endurance and the methods used  for  fund raising for the expedition.A  Jury consisting of renowned environmentalists, academicians and scientists will examine the  expectations from students,  what they will do to fulfill the mission statement on return by applying it  it in life, workplace and society. The top students thus selected thru a process of careful scrutiny will get the wonderful opportunity to accompany Sir Robert Swan on his next mission   to Antarctica from Feb 28 to March 13, 2013.

As  Antarctica has no government and the continent is considered politically neutral, Its status is regulated by the 1959 Antarctic Treaty and other related agreements, collectively called the ‘Antarctic Treaty System’ that prohibits military activities and mineral mining, nuclear explosions and waste disposal, supports scientific research, and protects the continent’s ecozone. The Madrid Protocol designates the continent as a ‘natural reserve devoted to peace and science’. And Provides additional protection for the Antarctic Treaty till the year 2041. The Madrid treaty is due for a debate in 2041 and it is Sir Swan’s mission to educate the youth so that they take the collective responsibility to continue the mission and strengthen his effort to push for reforms for Sustainable Development at the next World Summit.

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