A Neev Experiment – Management Lessons through Creative Arts

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Artshala, a multi-track activity stream, was a unique experiment at Neev 2015 where students could choose from five tracks – music, dance, theatre, clay modeling and prototyping.   Each track was spearheaded by an accomplished artist who designed the half day session to learn the basics of that art while imparting key management lessons.

The theatre track run by Mr. Anand a well known stage artist, focused on using various tools and techniques that have been a quintessential part of Theatre, to drive home management gyaan!  Like the activity ‘Replay’ which demonstrated how communication can get distorted while moving through an organisation without anyone actually intending it.

The dance track conducted by the well known ‘Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts’, the dance track brought about the essence of role of an individual as oneself as well as a part of a team.  One of the most rigorous of the 5 tracks, the session took the participants through contemporary dance moves while subtly bringing out elements of team work.

The music track conveyed the essence of Creative Unity with a very interesting activity of getting the participants divided into teams, making them create individual compositions and then merging them together.  This was of course interspersed with some beautiful renditions by Mr. Suthirtho and his team.


The prototyping lab was anchored by Ms. Ranjani.  The session allowed the students to bring out their feelings through inspired works of art. One of the activities involved the students, painting a picture based on musical inputs.


In the clay modelling track, Mr. Ganeshan and his team from ‘Clay Station’ got the students to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty – quite literally.  The activity demonstrated the importance of proper planning and designing before getting into execution.

Artshala was an experience that was rated high by all the students amongst all the activities they undertook during the two week long Neev 2015.


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