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“The true purpose of education is to make minds, not careers” William Deresciewz

We, the SAMVAD – with our vision to propagate innovative thought culture, bring to you our latest issue exclusively dedicated to ‘Education Sector’.

In the Interview section,Prof Stanley Ridgley, faculty at the Drexel University’s Lebow College of Business, who is a well-known figure in the International Strategic management field, speaks to Samvad readers on Indian education sector and global education trends.

The increased connectivityhas enhanced latest developments in the distance education sector, namelythe MOOC,which is massive open online course and is disruptively innovating the higher education industry. Go through our Featured article to know more. The author of ‘Why Great Men Fall’, Wayde Goodall says “It is not stress that makes us fall; it is the response to stressful events”. Here comes the importance of emotional intelligence, which is the ability to identify,assess and control emotions of our own self,others and the group. Gain wisdom through our article on how emotional intelligence and quality of work life are interrelated. Make sure you read our Finance section, which brings to you the case study on ‘EDUCOMP’ smart classes. Scope of marketing is so huge in the Indian educational sector, where investments rarely reachthe needy and provide very less value addition. Despite the strong campaigns for RTE, mid-day meal scheme,the proportional enrolment of students and there by significant developments seems meager. Analyze the same on our article on Marketing.

Andwith a mere 4.1% of GDP being pumped into educational sector, the magnitude of role that can be played by organizations is maximized. Analyze how financial andoperational enhancements can empower the sector through our article on the same in General Management section.

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