Ameya a young karateka from WeSchool wins Gold medal at the 19th FSKA World Karate Championship 2017

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WeSchool is proud to share that Ameya Waingankar, a young karateka wins Gold at the recently held 19th FSKA World Karate Championship 2017 at Crawley, London. Participants from over 20 countries such as USA, England, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, France, Kenya, Italy, Mauritius, Iceland, Ukraine, Srilanka, Pakistan and South Africa took part.

Ameya believes that Karate is a martial art of peace and is the reason why Karate is practised across the world. Talking about his latest victory, Ameya is happy to share that competition is one of the best forms of experiential learning. According to him, the 19th FSKA World Karate Championship 2017 has been an enriching experience. It has given him an opportunity to compete with the best in the world and win Gold Medal for India.

Ameya expresses gratitude to United Budokan Karate Academy, Thane - Sensai Mr Santosh Chawan ( National Chief Instructor) for training him over last 14 years in Karate. He is thankful to WeSchool for supporting and cheering him to achieve success.

He is happy to share that Karate is officially into 2020 OLYMPICS:

This makes it an Olympic Sport from now on.

Ameya has been learning Karate from Karate Budokan International in India for the last 14 years. He is qualified as a second-degree Black Belt and also an authorised instructor with United Budokan Karate Academy, Thane. He currently works at WeSchool’s innoWE , a hub for business ideas.


Ameya’s Achievements at International Level (Karate) representing India

The United Arab Emirates 2017 - Second Place – Silver  for India ( 5 Countries participated)

India 2017 – One Bronze Medal ( Five countries had participated )

Sri Lanka 2016 – Two Silver Medal for India
Malaysia 2013 – Lost in Quarterfinals
Dubai 2011 – One Silver Medal for India ( 18 countries had participated )
India 2009 & 2010 – One  Gold, One  Silver & One  bronze Medal ( Six countries participated )
India 2008 – One Silver Medal for India  ( 10 Countries had participated )
Nepal 2008 – One Bronze Medal for India ( Organised by Nepal Olympic Committee, participated by 4 Asian Countries ).
Sri Lanka 2007 – One Gold & One Bronze Medal for India


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