Alumni Insights 2020 -Finance

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The alumni session with our alumni from India and Singapore and our students started virtually on 17th September at 6 p.m.

The alumni guests emphasised on consumer behaviour for finance products such as Insurance, Loans and Banking. They shared their views on trends in sales, consumer behaviour, and pricing.

They guided the students by answering their questions patiently on skills, qualifications and industry overview which are important today. They asked them to research and understand the sectors of interest.

They suggested the following essentials for aspirants in Finance post pandemic beginning from soft selling self before managing sales and development of a brand:

Being agile by broadening the perspective and  being mobile by not being confirmed to your hometowns as key competency

Right attitude, continuous learning and confidence even at the starting point of a career will put you in the spotlight

Story-telling to communicate and substantiate your recommendation to your management

Common sense and ability to adapt to change is key in the eye of disruption

Being present minded and learning new software be it SAAS  or Python is a value addition

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