Abul Hasan Rajani, Alumni WeSchool felicitated by Mr Suresh Prabhu, Hon. Minister of Commerce and Industry for Best Startup

Abul Hasan Rajani, PGDM Retail, 2013-15 batch, WeSchool was felicitated by Mr Suresh Prabhu, Hon. Minister of Commerce and Industry, for the best Startup – ICICI Big Idea Startup Challenge. In a written Q&A, he recalls his campus life which has been like a roller-coaster ride. He quips saying, “I have had the best time of my campus life.  It’s here I had the risk-free opportunity to test all my management lessons learning in my real business as part of an assignment.”

Which is the key learning from WeSchool campus that has contributed in your professional journey?

There are three areas which continue to be immensely helpful in my professional life

  1. The ability to proficiently present my idea to the sizeable audience – I have always been an introvert all my life until I was made to address in public at WeSchool.
  2. Solving complex business problems by breaking it down into small units and then address them individually.
  3. Effective delegation is one of the most important skills for any business owner. This skill has helped me significantly in setting up the building blocks for my business since the very beginning.

Advice the MBA aspirants with three practical tips ?

A. Make the Most of the MBA “Card”

Pursuing an MBA gives you the power to ask for something from the companies on the grounds that you “are an MBA student.” You can easily get informational interviews, obtain data, attend conferences, and open more doors than when you are in the professional world based on your job title and job role. Use this opportunity to explore new sectors, meet new leaders, and figure out what industry suits you best.

B. Take risks

You must take as much risk as you can while doing an MBA as people around you and society in general, thinks that you are just a student. Your mistakes are just mistakes and not the failures of life.

While there is low peer pressure, you can treat these two years as your golden period and try to implement all your business ideas in real time and see if yours is the million dollar one!

C. Time is limited, it’s paramount to set personal goals

People come to B-School for many reasons, including academics, networking, and career transitions. It is easier to manage your time (and not let your schedule overwhelm you!) if you have created a list of priorities and reasons for being at business school before you start. For each decision or trade-off that you make, this list helps you correctly allocate your time.


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