7 July, 2015 – Su-raaj (WeSchool, Mumbai)

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The new batch had an interactive session with Shri. Dhanajay Kamlakar: Joint Commissioner of Police, Economic Offenses Wing, Mumbai who laid out the role of the police in good governance and also blasted some of the misconceptions about the image public have for the police. The session was quite engaging as Kamlakar answered some very common concerns about safety, preparedness to meet crises, safety of the informers and so on. Everything that is currently happening yet intriguing to the common man. Some were curious to know how to join the police force. Another interesting acronym that surfaced was COPS- coping with pressure and stress.

Taking spiritedly the volley of questions, he catered to all the queries put forth by the questioning minds .It encompassed all from the delays judicial proceedings to ethical dilemmas. The emerging role of technology to fight crime was also discussed. And finally a word of advice- Guide yourself against excess greed.

The second speaker, Ajay Desai: Head Inclusion Yes bank, was equally compelling. Delving into the folk of yore, referring to ‘the thirsty crow’ Desai, termed him as the frugal innovator. The talk pegged on relevant innovations and the various schemes that have come up in the space of social enterprise sector. Desai also mentioned the efforts of Yes Bank that had earned it special recognition and awards in frugal innovation section.

Thomas Wajda: US Consulate General spoke to the new batch and highlighted the excited times and opportunities that lie ahead, in context of USA- India partnerships, where such collaborations facilitate sharing of technology and developments. He also mentioned about the USA- India tie-ups and cooperation for MIT Media Lab and quoted that ‘such collaborations, particularly the ones by B- schools give global orientation to the youth and make them global citizens in the true sense of the world’.

Wajda focused on the immense future possibilities in space of  smart cities; EXIM bank; Energy- solar energy production Infrastructure and Housing; Education and healthcare and a lot more.

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