2 July, 2015 – Su-raaj (WeSchool, Mumbai)

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Day 2 saw Mr. Atul Jaywant, Senior President & Group CIO at Aditya Birla Group addressing the students. He spoke about individual self governance and personal commitment or governance. It should be voluntary personal commitment for transparency. Recounting a few landmarks in good governance he mentioned the use of electronic voting machine (EVMs), the Right to Information and the recent participatory nature of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. He iterated that good governance starts from the individual and moves on to national level. “Be the change what you want to see in others”. He averred -Transparency and ethics in organisations and their processes is a beginning of good governance.

Good governance has a role to play also in the ecological sustenance.

Talking of challenges, in context of providing digital connectivity to a larger customer base and people is that of providing cost effective qualitative economical services. Life is about contradictions. We want low price qualitative network but no tower above our building. But, then business is all about making things happen with all contradictions.


Another session on the day had Prafull Marpakwar, Political Editor, Times of India interacting with the students. Sharing his thoughts on the theme, he said Su-raaj is the need of the hour for the country. India needs good governance to make it a better country to live in. With increase in corruption, good governance and role of self in the society and organisation is essential.

Freedom of speech and transparency in work and processes at individual level and organisational level is important He applauded the watershed of “Right to Information” as one of the significant policy decision, bringing in a lot of transparency to the system. He regretted multiple party governments which India had had for years. Ideally single party governance is the best for decision making, he felt.

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