Swavalamban Sankalp Program ( Stand up India) – to create awareness and create the entrepreneurial culture amongst the society and community – Organised by DICCI, SIDBI, SBI & WeSchool.

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Swavalamban Sankalp Program ( Stand up India) is a  ‘Sankalp’ to give boost to innovation & entrepreneurship. It will take the related Govt schemes to the maximum Youth. Private entrepreneurship will be encouraged but at the same time distribution of wealth needs to be  ensured. Points focused on  ‘equality of opportunities’, level playing field, more responsible banking system, financial inclusion. Honarable Deputy Chief Minister  assured all support from GoM & that Maharashtra will achieve target in 2 years, for encouraging GeNext!

NPCIL – Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited were very optimistic that initiatives like SWAVLAMBAN SANKALP, Stand  Up India and similar such program not only slowly and gradually help us and other PSU’s achieve their target but also support the nation in developing  the ecosystem favoura

ble  in its economic growth & promoting equitable development for all.

The speakers shared about National SC-ST Hub (NSSH) scheme, an initiative of the inistry of MSME, Govt. of India was launched on 18th October 2016 by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Public Procurement Policy for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs), Handholding support to the SC/ST entrepreneurs through NSSH Offices. All the policies and schemes where explained in detailed to all the participants.

Another objective of DICCI was to inform Dalit youths to become job givers and not job seekers. Money is becoming the primary concern of society and people are willing to lower caste prejudices when it comes to business interests.

Discussions on  various proposals for the entrepreneurship development among the SC-ST & women Entrepreneurs were also discussed in detailed. The activities of members (DICCI) are quite diversified ranging from manufacturing (sectors such as chemicals, Agri-products, frozen foods, plastics, textiles, pest control, metals and metallurgy, marine engineering, solar energy, sugar refining), construction and services (health care, hospitality industries, education and international trade).

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