Virtual Immersion @NEEV 2020, Bengaluru Campus – Week Two

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The week two, NEEV 2020 was another week of  intellectual simulation through various sessions planned for the new batch.

The day began with the ‘News Hour’ session by  Dr. Jairaj, Professor -Information Technology, S.P. Mandali’s WeSchool, Bengaluru campus.

Dr. Savitha Gubbi Ramachandra who  heads PGDM program and HR vertical at WeSchool, Bengaluru campus interacted with students on  PGDM course philosophy and journey.

Another Professor who deliberated the breakout session was Prof. Prakash Unakal, Dean – Business Design PGDM Program, S.P. Mandali’s WeSchool, Bengaluru. The title of the session was PGDM, Business Design and Innovation. He spoke on business thinking and design thinking, balance of analytical and creative thinking, thinking differently for competitive advantage and human centric approach.

Dr Jairaj conducted another Breakout session with Prof. Sridhar and Dr.Anita Pillai, Assistant Professors – Information Technology S.P. Mandali’s WeSchool, Bengaluru. The session started with Dr. Jairaj introducing the eBiz program and elaborately speaking on the curriculum in detail.


Panel Discussion on Emertech- Moderated by Prof. Sridhar discussed topics – AI, ML, , AR and VR. The session highlighted how innovative technology is the driving force for business touch points and how  AI ML will disrupt businesses. The discussion elaborated on the phases of technology evolution.

Questions from students were discussed. The panel discussion was enriching, informative and offered in-depth understanding on emerging technologies.

Key takeaways

  • AI will create 58 million jobs by 2020
  • Role of AI,ML in education industry will grow exponentially
  • AI and Digital Technology in Government sector will influence political decisions, building and construction, unemployment, electricity, agriculture, insurance etc…
  • Digital economy offers varied opportunities for management and technology graduates

Session ‘The Whys and Wherefores of PD (Personality Development)’ discussed the Big Five FFM OCEAN
Session “Connect with Self,Society and Surroundings” “shared the importance of Self, Society and Surroundings for business leaders. The session centred on “Empathy is among the key skills for leaders”.

Key takeaways:

Sustainable development includes Social progress, economic development and protecting environment.

Appreciate, grateful and be thankful for everything what we have.

Be generous in giving to others.

Sustainable development goals (SDGs) by  UN  were explained as a part of the sustainable development and contribution to the society.

Ritesh Sinha, Batch 2014 and Yash Parikh, Batch 2016 interacted with the students on their learning experiences and excelling in the tech space.

The week two was  insightful with sessions from leading companies on  industrial development post COVID-19; being self-aware and exploring possibilities in the tech driven world today.

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