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  1. Faculty of Business Design at Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai.
  2. Regular Workshops on Design Thinking, Idea generation & Concept Prototyping conducted at Welingkar Institute of Mgt.
  3. Spearheading the Activities of the Innovation Lab at Welingkar Institute.
  4. Conducting field studies with the help of students on various lines of enquiry including: Infrastructure development in Mumbai, Social Innovation, Business Model Innovation, Pedagogical Innovation in teaching & learning.
  5. Pursuing study of Memetics, a science involved in helping understand Human behavior and predicting future trends that may help create business ideas for the future.
  6. Encouraging and guiding students inclined towards Entrepreneurship.
  1. Consultant-Machine Design.
  2. Teaches Yoga to the Management Students at the �Welingkar Institute of Management�
  3. Conducts Stress Management sessions for various Corporates.
  4. Writes on various Innovation & Yoga related topics.

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