WeSchool sets up Agri-lab in the midst of Urban Mumbai

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WeSchool sets up Agri lab in the midst of Urban Mumbai

The Agri lab has been set-up to develop an in-depth understanding of Innovative technologies set to change the face of agriculture and agri-business

In a first of its kind, WeSchool sets-up an Agri lab in its campus, located in in mid-town Matunga, the heart of Urban Mumbai. The lab has been set up as part of the PGDM Agri-Business program learning process.

Young MBA students will use this as a ‘learning by doing’ space. They will participation various activities of farming like – seed treatment, sowing, crop cultivation practices, harvesting and marketing. Compare the impact of organic & chemical fertilizer on crop yield. Faculty will facilitate the learning by processing the primary experiences of the students into principles of agriculture; the program now has courses on Agri-economics and Agri-inputs management.

The lab has   exhibits on various disciplines which make agriculture a multidisciplinary science. The practical learning will happen through orientation to these sciences such as Soil science, Agri Meteorology, Plant pathology, Entomology, Agri Engineering, Agronomy and Horticulture to name a few. All these are intimately connected with not only with the crop cultivation but also related to industries such as agri input industries (Seeds, agrochemicals, fertilizers, agri equipment) and agri finance, so the Agri lab will give an integrated view to the students to tackle rural projects in future, when they join industry. .

It was inaugurated at the hands of Advocate Shri. S.K Jain, Chairman in the presence of Shri B.V.Chitale, Vice Chairman and other trustees of Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali , Prof Dr Uday Salunkhe,Group Director, Prof Sudhakar Nadkarni, Professor Emeritus, Business Design  and faculty members of Rural management  Prof Vineel Bhurke ,Prof Rachana Patil and Sagar Deshmukh , WeSchool .

While inaugurating the lab, Advocate Shri. S.K Jain, Chairman, LMC, WeSchool and Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali said,” My message to the Indian youth is that they now have a golden chance to lead the emergence of the grass root economy with their knowledge of the rural sector. Look at rural management as a strong career option which will not only help them add value to the corporate they work for with their insights about this emerging economy but also feel pride and satisfaction by contributing to the national growth. “

Prof Dr Uday Salunkhe,Group Director, WeSchool ,while explaining the scope of activities of the lab said ,” WeSchool has am experiential learning module “Exploring the grassroots” where students visit rural areas, however it is difficult to cover all the aspects of agriculture in a short span.  This type of a lab at WeSchool is meant to ensure effective learning of the agriculture based subjects through Immersion based learning by doing. A well-educated rural manager with a strong knowledge base and skills combined with a social perspective will certainly flourish and create value for self, corporate and society in the times to come.”

Businesses, governments, NGOs and donor agencies no longer see the rural poor as victims and are seeing them as creative entrepreneurs as well as value-demanding consumers. With the number of  IT companies, Banks, Telecom, Insurance ,FMCG, Healthcare, Micro-credit organizations  trying to make inroads in the rural economy increasing day by day, a large number of well-trained managers in Finance, Marketing, Operations, Logistics, IT, and HR are required to lead the growth story to success.

WeSchool’s Agri-lab is like a water hole in urban setting that brings together urban youth, learners, agri-experts and community together with the hope of creating more empathy and outcome led work.



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