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WeSchool HR Seniors on the Podium: First Place: Manali Deshpande and  Aditi Brahme, At tHRone 2.0, the nationwide  HR Quiz Competition by NMIMS, Hyderabad

Management quizzes have and will always be an important part of the B school ecosystem as here they are not seen as a form of a game or mind sport in which the players answer questions and win prizes. Quizzes from simple to complex, with a limited time to answer/attempt each step   are fun, never boring, they provide  entertainment by piquing curiosity  and increase information base.  They pose a diversity of challenges to budding managers who feel that they have the knowledge and expertise to withstand the storms of the professional world!

Team HRizon at NMIMS, Hyderabad was   therefore delighted to receive  an overwhelming response to  the competition arranged by them titled  tHRone 2.0.The competition consisted of two very unusual rounds: a Quiz followed by case-study. In today’s era of remote connectivity, it was but natural that the competition was conducted online.

The first round consisting of the initial quiz was extremely challenging and it helped us to understand the importance of team-work and coordination. It involved 30 questions to be solved quickly with a time-frame of one minute per question.  And it  really tested our mettle as HR professionals of future.As we waited anxiously the results of the first round were announced .Out of  the numerous  institutes that  participated from across the country, fourteen were shortlisted

Then came round two. We were given a case study that had to be solved within three  days. The case-study was based on pre-planning integration: its importance, challenges and the impact of its absence. Professor Sareeta Bhatikar helped us with the case study.  She gave a direction to our thought process and helped us realise how a problem can be approached from multiple perspectives. It was a great learning experience for us, as we got to understand the issues faced during mergers & acquisitions and how big mergers can fail due to not having a foresight for integration issues and cultural differences.

And then there was the final announcement of the winning team.Team Starks consisting of  Manali Deshpande & Aditi Brahme  ,MMS, WeSchool won the first prize while team  Kaizen,IMI,Delhi with Mansi Jain and  Abhinav Chauhan were declared as runner-ups.We were given a cash prize of Rs 10,000/- and certificate as well !

As the news of the results began making waves in the campus , we were bombarded with  congratulatory messages  by our classmates and teachers at WeSchool. We felt particularly delighted when Prof Vijayan Pankajakshan, Dean, HR at WeSchool and a renowned Quiz-master himself, congratulated us. “Wonderful performance! We are all very proud of your achievement. The accolade has a higher value because you competed with the best in the business in the country. I am sure this is one of the many more to follow”, he said.

Our  generation of learners  depends  more and more on internet   to obtain information, conduct research, talking with each other across continents to have a better awareness and understanding of business customs in different locations concerning  multiple demographics ,this time we used the internet to  enhance learning ,transform thoughts and ideas and have fun as well !

Contributed by  Manali Deshpande & Aditi Brahme,MMS,WeSchool


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