Uday Salunkhe: Write your own Success Story This Year

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A student who has worked extremely hard, borne the tension and stress to prepare for a highly competitive exam like SSC or HSC is likely to get devastated on seeing his pathetic result .All around him are the ‘Toppers’ and ‘Super achievers’, who were his peers till a few moments ago, busy ‘celebrating’ their success with their families and are glorified by the media. Soon they will be on their way to the best colleges in town and onto the paths of successful careers. And here is a failure…A looser .What is he supposed to do? Doubt, fear and depression will overcome him. His heart is dark with a sense of isolation, loss of self-esteem, and a chance rude remark from a family member will drive him take the final fatal step. Failure is a temporary setback. Success and failure are two sides of a coin. Change is a rule of nature. So Never let yesterday’s disappointments overshadow tomorrow’s dreams. Most successful people take learning from their failures and use them to build the foundation of their success stories.

Relax, Rethink and Reorganize Failure is often the result of misplaced priorities. In order to get what it is you want in life you have to appreciate what you have. Analyse your strengths and weaknesses .To appreciate what you have you must see and think about in a positive manner. So remove the negative sounding words and phrases from your vocabulary, your psyche. There is something positive to be taken from every experience in life; the challenge is really to find that positive aspect. Remember when one door closes, many more are waiting to be opened. “Failed” goals serve a purpose – to re-direct us to a better path. Understand Your Priorities Einstein once said” Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Each one of us is born an individual; each one has his intelligence, talent, traits and attitudes. A meaningful and rewarding career is important in today’s fast changing world but it is a part of your life, it is not your life. So understand your talent, your passion, and your capabilities and then set your goals in tune with them. Take responsibility for your life .Let your thoughts and actions be the guiding force in your life. Don’t get swept away by external pressures.

Be Inspired and Motivated Believe in yourself and dream. Don’t ever stop of dreaming but a dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement. Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Motivation is an internal force that drives individuals to act to achieve a specific goal. You must have a big enough ‘Reason Why’ in order to feel motivated. Your reason ‘why’ must provide a ‘meaningful motive’ ,you need to believe that your goal is attainable. Create the driving force that will propel you to achieve your goal.

Develop an Action plan You need a positive attitude, enthusiasm and commitment to achieve a goal .Keep challenging and fine-tuning the various approaches to achieving the goals and you’ll find a way that will produce positive results for you! Be active and work hard, always keep in mind that all else fails without action. Believe in yourself, Dream big and work hard with all the resources at your disposal and you will see that your life becomes one filled with rich life experiences. Don’t Be Shy To Ask For Help You will be surprised at the kind of people, that are right there around the corner to support you, so don’t be afraid to look for them and ask for help. They are more knowledgeable, experienced  and may even have gone through a similar trauma like yours and have come out winners .They will be more than ready to share their wisdom with you .

Don’t Ever Stop, Work Hard It isn’t easy at first, but don’t stop on reaching the first rung of success.Dont be complacent because that is only a beginning of a higher, bigger challenge. Successful people never stop; they keep working in spite of success or failure. In fact when they have a setback, they work with double the energy, enthusiasm, inspiration and passion and give it all they have to achieve a higher level of success.

Understand Success Success is not merely a socio-economic phenomenon in a highly competitive world. , but represents a holistic and positive attitude to life. It is no longer seen in terms of a high flying jobs connected with tidy bank balances, latest cars, latest apartments, designer labels but is now regarded as all-inclusive quotient of physical, emotional and spiritual gratification

Authored by:

Prof. Dr Uday Salunkhe Group Director Welingkar Institute of Management Research and Development 

An educationist with the qualities of a Leader, his vision and result orientation have been the guiding force in making Welingkar a name to reckon with, not only in India but also globally. Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe, a Mechanical Engineer with a Management Degree in “Operations” pursued his Doctorate in “Turnaround Strategies”. He has a rich corporate experience of 12 years, which includes his tenure with Mahindra & Mahindra, ISPL and other companies.

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